ALLEGRA FASHION – This brand is taking fashion to another level with its AI driven virtual store.


Modern problems require modern solutions and when it comes to something as individual and as tricky as fashion it definitely demands intelligent out of the box thinking.


This is what exactly 3 enterprising individuals Ayan, Uday and Lakshita have come together to create and offer to the high profile and intensely challenging online fashion portals – An Artificial Intelligence driven virtual store or shall we in simpler words call it a virtual fitting room!

Ayan having completed his Masters in Analytics and also holding a Masters in Sale and Marketing got to work with retail giant Reliance and then further honed his marketing skills working with leading banks, handing sizeable teams for credit card sales.  

Addressing a major customer pain point became the central theme for a business model…


Says Ayan, “Uday and me have always wanted to start something and create a major ecommerce brand in fashion. So we got together and developed this business plan. We visited innumerable fashion portals, experimented, interviewed people and came up with a major pain point that customers faced while shopping for fashion online. The one major issue was that of size and fitting mismatch. It became a hassle for both the customer as well as the portals who had to deal with returns and refunds quite regularly. Solving this issue became a key selling point.”

An online virtual fitting room for your trials so you get the fitting just the way you want it…


Buying online means guesswork or going by previous buying history. But the things is different portals have different offerings and even brands have different measurements for their clothes and accessories. In such a case the question arises is what to do? Which is where ALLEGRA FASHION fits in with a perfect answer. With a well- researched business plan and a substantial investment of 10 lacs, the team is building a virtual fitting room which is going to help customers to solve their size and fitting issue in real time. It will be simulation of a real trial room and harnessing augmented reality and artificial intelligence the dressing room experience is creating digitally so that visualization of the particular garment as well as the fall and fit of it can be seen and an informed buying decision can be made by the customer.

More than just any other online fashion destination…


With so many well established online fashion portals already in place, ALLEGRA FASHION knows it is up against the best in the business, in terms of product range, pricing, logistics management and more. But it has still managed to build a decent customer base and fulfilled a lot of orders.

It wants to however position itself differently, and be recognized as a fashiontech company that can create value for society by creating job opportunities. Its agenda is to take Indian fashion global and at the same time also fulfil its responsibility towards its investors, by ensuring decent and consistent ROI. Its long term ambition being to evolve as a unicorn and motivate other people to partner with it and grow.

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