Aahira by Aakanksha Surana – The Story of a Woman Entrepreneur making an impact in the diamond industry.

Aahira by Aakanksha Surana

From the court of law, to courting and reveling in the glitter that only success can impart to an endeavor – the story of AAHIRA DIAMONDS is truly special.

Aahira, as unique and beautiful as it sounds, that solitary and special is its meaning, the story, and the person behind it!

Founded by a woman who is a lawyer, brand manager, creator, and hype girl, Aakanksha Surana wears many hats and always looks good doing so. Known for her heartfelt leadership, she wears nothing but a smile as she believes in the principle of ‘less is more’. She is a talented individual who always gives it her all and never backs down from a challenge. It is truly inspiring to watch the story of Aahira Diamonds unfold in her life.

“The name “AAHIRA” means Brilliant and Dazzling. We have consciously nurtured an image and designed a jewellery line that gives our valuable customers an enviable and enriching experience.” Says Aakanksha.

Today the brand has built up a flawless reputation of a new age, modern diamond jewellery enterprise, catering to contemporary tastes of the woman on the go!

Diamond jewellery – that is making shimmering luxury affordable, wearable and yet timeless…

AAHIRA DIAMONDS has added another C in the Classic 4Cs of a diamond – and that is the CUSTOMER.

Every single piece of jewellery is a true work of art, fashioned around a customers’ taste with a keen sense of luxurious finish and style. The design team is prepped to create ultra-modern, wearable, pret jewellery that truly defies the term “occasion” and instead transforms these pieces into truly “timeless” anytime wear.

As a brand fully clued into market trends and a customer’s mindset, the team at AAHIRA understands how personal the experience of purchasing jewellery is. Its designs are meant to make the celebration of those extraordinary moments of life truly memorable, by embellishing them in an alluring mix of the glamour of gold and the glitter of diamonds.

AAHIRA creates just the perfect everyday jewellery style, where the design emphasis is not on the flashy, but instead classier. The attention to detail is delicate, the finish is impeccable and each style carries the distinct AAHIRA signature that resonates with a feminine spirit! 

Choose from a range of finger rings – swirls of pure gold encrusted with the finest diamonds, layered white gold or yellow gold necklaces with solitaires, rose, white or yellow gold funky and trendy bracelets and bands, round the ear, hoop, dangle or stud earrings in exquisite designs.

Enhancing the sparkle with a retail footprint to get closer to customers, is the next facet of growth…

Curating and completing more than 50 plus orders over a month and steadily hitting the 100+ mark during pop-ups at premium footfall spaces, the brand has truly caught the fancy of customers across the jewellery spectrum.  

When it comes to jewellery, the more hands and souls it passes, it’s value increases, Says Aakanksha.

With a host of celebs from the fashion and entertainment industry choosing to flaunt the brand, as their choice of precious sparkle, the buzz around AAHIRA DIAMONDS is surely positive!

To know more, visit us –
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/aahiradiamonds/
Website – https://aahiradiamonds.com/ to amp up your collection with dazzling, affordable jewellery.


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