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With the ever-expanding global economy, ecommerce has emerged as a crucial aspect of business strategy. It has the power to revolutionize the way people buy, sell and market their products. So whether it’s a startup or a small/medium sized business or some industry giant, ecommerce platforms offer a level playing field for them all. The emergence of a deadly pandemic led to a surge in small, home-grown businesses and startups which relied heavily on digital marketing and online stores for promotion of their products and services.

Wondering which platform would be most suitable for reaching out to your niche audience? Look no further than Wemy, an app-based ecommerce platform dedicated to launching your online shop and giving a boost to your business. Launched by Aparna Thakker in 2021 amidst the growing uncertainty of the pandemic, Wemy aims to collaborate “with owners and sellers who are running small businesses with a focus on handmade and homemade products and looking to sell them on e-commerce portals”.  To address the issue of customer acquisition, she is set to launch Wemy Discover which will be a marketplace for home grown businesses. With Discover, Wemy will do the marketing & business owners are sure to expand their customer base. Discover is planned to launch in March this year, with a focus on Mumbai sellers and then will expand into other cities.

How did Wemy come into existence?

Even before establishing Wemy, Aparna was committed towards improving the lives of common people by channelizing the power of technology to build extraordinary solutions for extraordinary problems. The idea of empowering people inspired her to embrace challenges and venture into new terrains. 

Aparna explains “In 2020 – 2021 I observed my friends having issues approaching their customers and taking orders from them. In spite of being accomplished entrepreneurs, they were struggling to establish their online presence in the absence of their own website and app.”  

The go-getter that she is, Aparna decided to come up with an ingenious solution that would address the problems of such sprouting enterprises grappling with the complexities of ecommerce. Thus, the Wemy app came on the scene. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and clutter free design, it’s now quite easy to launch your own shop on Wemy. The specialized app takes care of logistics and payments allowing the seller to focus on his products and services. 

Grow your business with Wemy 

While social ecommerce was always in demand, its popularity escalated during the Covid era when a lot of small businesses started from home. Wemy app provides an opportunity to these enterprises to look beyond DMs and WhatsApp messages for marketing and sale of their products. Thus, also giving a seamless shopping experience for the customer. Now, it’s possible to upgrade and launch your own e-shop so that you can seamlessly reach out to clients through Wemy.

This tech-based startup utilizes a SAAS based solution which enables sellers to simply download the app and set up their business within a few minutes. Out of its 600 odd users, most are women entrepreneurs. The brand is focused on the launch of the upcoming Wemy Discover Marketplace, a unique marketplace where users can promote their e-shops, thus ensuring ease of business and streamlining of the digital marketing process. Wemy welcomes Mumbai-based small businesses that sell handmade and homemade goods, to grow their brand on this platform.

Let Wemy take you to soaring heights

Wemy is fast becoming the go-to destination for rising entrepreneurs and why not! The startup endeavors to create a robust system for generating traffic to your online stores while also managing accounts and transactions, sending notifications and answering customer queries. Growing your business and establishing your own brand has never looked this easy and this fun!

To know more, visit –
Website – https://wemy.io/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/wemyshops/

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