Unhotel Is One Of The Most Loved And Revered Travel Companies Known For Creating Unique And Unforgettable Travel Experiences

“We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.”

In today’s competitive world, “taking a break” is no longer an indulgence. Rather it’s a necessity. To travel is to explore and to explore is to live. Today’s generation understands the significance of living a balanced life where work and play both are important for physical and mental well-being. Many travel companies have spurned up to cater to the growing demand. However, most are just looking for a quick way to make money without acknowledging the responsibility that comes with the job.

Founded by entrepreneur duo Manish Sinha and Shilpi Singh in the year 2016, Unhotel is one of the most loved and revered travel companies that is known for creating unique and unforgettable travel experiences. With its impeccable customer service and unflinching commitment to excellence, Unhotel is winning hearts all over.

Laying the foundation stone of success

the unhotel company

In 2009, Shilpi and Manish and their 6-year-old son-Neo moved from Bombay to Gurgaon and they discovered a large villa that became the first of the Unhotels. It was  called ‘Cinnamon Stays’ – a bed & breakfast in concrete Gurgaon which soon became “a haven to indulge our passion, but most importantly a place where ‘strangers become friends’.”

In the same year, they started Granny’s Inn – a small inn run by Shilpi’s feisty mother in one of the most ancient, spiritual, and chaotic cities of the planet – Varanasi. The inn was so loved by the travelers that Granny’s inn was nominated for the Outlook Responsible Tourism awards in 2018.

In the middle of 2016, while doing a workshop on Krishna Consciousness they decided to become an Experiential Travel Company instead of merely running homestays and the Unhotel which had been an ‘idea-in-the-head’ for the longest time started becoming a reality.

Unconventional Ways of Unhotel

the Unhotel company

Discerning travelers today are looking for a niche, personalized OTA (online travel platform) that is unlike a warehouse of travel experiences. They’re looking for a classy travel concierge. Unhotel is that boutique travel company that focuses on experiences, not transactions.

The founders explain “We provide tailored travel journeys for families, solo travelers and corporates. We want to create a micro-chain that cares for the planet. Our main focus is on our customers, we consider them as unique and individual people rather than just an ROI number.”

Headquartered in Gurugram, it has an employee base spread across Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Kohima and a few other places. Presently the company works with 50-plus Unhotel partners, dozens of corporates, freelance artists, and many independent storytellers to create beautiful travelling memories for its clients.

Time travel into the future

the Unhotel company

Covid has severely hit the travel sector operations. Like every other enterprise, Unhotel is getting back to normalcy and bookings have started trickling again in. Times are unpredictable. However, unpredictability is something that a traveler learns to live with over a period of time.

About future plans, the Unhotel team says “In 5 years, we should be well on our way to becoming the most loved travel experiences company of India. Not the biggest but the best. The one that guarantees the most uncommon experiences. Travel adventures across heritage, culture, cuisine, wildlife, wellness and many other genres! The Unhotel has an unlimited playbook of bespoke experiences!”

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