The Wise Idiot: An exciting journey. A fulfilling yatra.

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In January 2017 commenced the journey of The Wise Idiot by Mr Deep Shah and Mr Divyank Jain with a simple idea – ‘Making good things better.’ “Whenever we see something which has the potential to do better, we try and grab that opportunity to add value. Businesses use content day in and day out. Hence, the goal of The Wise Idiot is to make content aesthetically pleasing,” says the founders.

How it all began

On their individual professional quests, Deep and Divyank have witnessed the same world as a corporate professional and a startup junkie respectively. Initially, there was no ‘idea’ per se. They didn’t see a specific problem that needed to be solved. They were just partially fed up with their old jobs and wanted to do something fun (which helped them earn money, too). Being creative writers, they tried out their hand at content.

Fortunately, the corporate world needed a hell lot of skilled writers – and that’s when they landed Edelweiss Tokio as their first client. Clients needed SEO-friendly blog content and they got a chance to add some fun while marketing their insurance products.

The reward for good work was more work and they started creating infographics for IIFL. The Wise Idiot also designed investor decks when a co-passenger in a train journey inquired for it, social media to support sister companies, lots of websites, and UI-UX for a FinTech company.

Step by step, today they have built the capability to be a go-to agency for holistic communication content. Deep Shah says, “After our family, our team has been our biggest strength. Their ownership and emotional investment in the work is solely responsible for the wonderful output that they can provide.”

The Wise Idiot vs the global market

the wise idiot

The content domain is rather vast – spanning VR gaming, TikTok, lead generation campaigns, and even elections. However, if they were to consolidate their 100+ services into a couple of sentences, Divyank Jain says “when someone wishes to incite action from an audience but doesn’t know how to communicate to get that desired result, we are the people they contact”.

Management wants their sales to perform better, marketing strategists want potential customers to buy, presenters want the audience to engage, business owners want VC firms to invest. The Wise Idiot helps them communicate in the right manner in every step of your journey.

In terms of services, other agencies provide the same services. But, The Wise Idiot stands out because despite being a content factory, there is a broader view so their content syncs with other business functions. The founders believe that honesty is their biggest strength. However, there are services like inbound marketing through Quora that very few other agencies specialize in where The Wise Idiot is an expert.

The Services Spectrum

Some of the services provided by The Wise idiot include:

Integrated Marketing

  • Digital Communication and Campaigns
  • Brand Strategy and Design
  • Performance Marketing and Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • Quora Marketing
the wise idiot 2

Currently an 8-member-strong team, their short term goal is to expand their size for capacity development. “But, the future goal is pretty clear – to let our work create the reputation and reliability to be the go-to content agency for SMEs,” says Deep Shah.

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