Tvachamrit: A skincare brand that is winning hearts all over with its environment-friendly skincare range that’s deeply rooted in Ayurveda


“Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time.” ~ Linden Tyler
Your skin is a reflection of your physical and emotional well-being. In today’s age, when pollution is at an
all time high and our lifestyle and habits are becoming increasingly erratic, it’s quite obvious that your
skin would have to bear such harshness on a daily basis.

In such a scenario, taking care of your skin becomes more of a necessity than a luxury. Launched on January 2018 by a prolific entrepreneur Aastha Khandelwal Jain, Tvachamrit Handcrafted Skincare has emerged to become one of the most trusted brands owing to its superior product quality and impeccable customer service. As the founder says
“We’re a conscious company for the conscious people”

Journey into the unknown

Aastha’s love for skincare dates back to her childhood when she was introduced, thanks to her mom and
aunts, to the fascinating world of homemade skincare remedies such as ubtans, leps, besan, haldi, fresh
cream for skin moisturization and fresh fruits for glowing and healthy skin. She was awestruck by their
simplicity and effectiveness. Later, she started making her own face packs & scrubs as per skin type.
After graduation, clueless and confused about what to do next, she went to do a Diploma in
Entrepreneurship at the University of California, Berkeley.

There, realizing her passion for skincare and natural beauty, she started doing comprehensive research about skin and how it’s affected by our food habits, lifestyle choices, beneficial herbs for skincare. Then she did a diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation. The course encouraged her to develop her own skincare product range using only natural
ingredients & that’s how TVACHAMRIT HANDCRAFTED SKINCARE was born.

Tvachamrit: putting on your skin what you can put in your mouth

tvachamrit saffron lotion

That’s the thumb rule for Tvachamrit. The products are luxurious, effective and deeply rooted in
Ayurveda. The brand strives to merge global ingredients with ancient Indian traditions in its product
range & ingredients.
Aastha further elaborates “Our products are PETA approved Vegan and Cruelty free. They’re AYUSH,
FSSAI & GMP approved. We even have our raw materials certified organic by the state govts. From
where we procure our raw materials and do not use any sort of harsh chemicals or even “naturally
occurring derivatives” in our products. This is skincare in its purest form. It’s farm to bottle! All our
products are pure enough to be consumed orally!”
All the products are environment-friendly as the brand doesn’t endorse usage of any sort of plastic in
the manufacturing or packaging of our products!

Peek into the future

tvachamrit activated charcoal hand

Presently, Tvachamrit is tying up with all eco-friendly and environmentally conscious e-retailers & are
also present in a couple of boutiques in Goa, Mumbai & Bangalore. Products can be ordered online
through its website.

Aastha explains “We’re currently getting our products contract-manufactured, but wish to set up our
own factory somewhere in the hills! We’re also hoping to open our own boutiques a few years ahead!”
Tvachamrit is a labour of love for Aastha and her entire team. Their painstaking efforts and unshakable
commitment to this venture is taking Tvachamrit to greater heights.


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