Threading the Needle: Studio RHOE Weaving a Better Fashion Future

“Your brand is your public identity, what you’re trusted for. And for your brand to endure, it has to be tested, redefined, managed and expanded as markets evolve. Brands either learn or disappear.” -Lisa Gansky 

The Fashion Retail Segment Needs A Panoramic Shift With More Brands Going Digital 

Fashion consumers have responded to the pandemic by shifting to value, buying online, and breaking longtime loyalties to try new brands that meet new priorities. There is no doubt that the Indian subcontinent is the fashion production hub of the world. However, its frontend scaling, in terms of global perspective, is rather dismal. Hence many fashion brands had to rethink strategies and optimize operations to meet the changing demands of consumers, production, and supply networks. To provide strategic and bespoke solutions to fashion & retail firms thereby boosting the mind & market share, the role of fashion retail consultancy crops in. 

Realizing the need of the hour, young and passionate minds, Harleen, Pooja, Prachi, & Nehha stepped in to add value to the fashion industry and reach new feats worldwide with their venture “ Studio RHOE”. 

The Name That Says It All! 

RHOE is a very thoughtfully derived name that speaks about its whole gamut of service offerings. 

R stands for rethinking existing business strategies and customizing them to fit the dynamic fashion industry.H signifies the highlighting of the brand’s strength and opportunities. O streamlines and optimizes production, marketing, purchasing, and sourcing at each step. E is about expanding the brand’s footprint. 

Some of the quintessential services that define Studio RHOE are Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Retail Collaboration, Website design & development, Brand Identity, Production & Sourcing, Trend Reports capturing retail innovations and lifestyle trends. 

The Catalytic factors That Shaped Studio RHOE 

Studio RHOE is a Fashion and Retail consultancy firm launched in June 2020 by a conglomeration of four fashion connoisseurs- Nehha Kayesth, Prachi Jain, Harleen Dhawan & Pooja Somani. Carrying diverse cultures and experiences, the four co-founders met in Milan while doing their Masters in Fashion & Business Management. While exploring Milan and being a part of fashion weeks, they understood the potential of Indian designers and the reasons behind their low visibility in International markets. Most of the fashion garments and accessories were manufactured in India but their stamping and labelling were done in Europe. This ignited the young passionate minds to start their new venture to lift up homegrown Indian retail & fashion brands so that they can grow and establish a global presence. During the Covid lockdown, their brainstorming and observation made them realize that as more businesses were going digital, so was the dire need to help brands gain visibility in online space. That was their Eureka moment! 

Meet The Masterminds Behind Studio RHOE 

Nehha who hails from Mumbai is an expert in business development, fashion buying and merchandising. To quote her, In addition to evaluating and addressing questions regarding fashion and retail, Studio RHOE provides effective solutions for global fashion brands and retailers”. Pooja who hails from Ahmedabad is an experienced visionary in brand management, sourcing, buying, trend analysis, pricing, and merchandising. The convergent thinker, Harleen from Kolkata, with her Business Administration degree, brings fashion brand management and buying skills to the table. Prachi from the pink city Jaipur carried varied approaches and contemplative points of view to solve the most presumably impossible problems. 

 Roadmap Ahead

The brand has branched and expanded across Pan India and offers its services on the online platform. It has proudly served 100+ clients in the fashion space through its bespoke strategic solutions. The firm is completely run & managed by the women’s squad with the four founding womenpreneurs and around 8 female employees. The brand envisions becoming a strategic solution partner aiming to help retail brands gain visibility internationally. 

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