Sustaining Social Impact: The Story of SWADEH, a Successful Enterprise Merging Artisanal Craft and Environmental Consciousness.

Finding and sustaining an enterprise that creates and markets products with a social cause at its core is a big challenge. Ruchi Agarwal however took up this challenge and through SWADEH – Artisanal Handcrafted Décor her dream enterprise, she has successfully merged customer satisfaction, profitability as well as the cause of supporting local artisans.

Ruchi comes with a very diverse professional background in Finance, Design of Diamond Jewelry and Traditional Fusion Food. But there was always a strong urge within her that called out to her to express her creative side too. Once on a visit to her native place in Rajasthan, she came across potters working at their potter wheels busy fashioning amazingly beautiful planters. Curious to know more, she had a conversation with them and learnt that they were all doing this for generations and it is now a dying art due to lack of income. Most modern customers have shifted to ceramic and metal pots as the market is flooded with these mass manufactured items which are a threat to the environment.

This was the moment – Ruchi soon decided that she could take up this segment and with correct product positioning it would be a win – win for customers as well as these artisans. SWADEH was thus created as an enterprise that could keep the traditional Indian art alive, help local artisans sustain a decent livelihood and bring this art form to the homes and work spaces of the people in India and worldwide.

Merging Creativity and Social Impact

With an agenda of showcasing India’s rich art heritage and also staying true to the environment, Ruchi set SWADEH on the path of becoming an enterprise that delivered amazingly handcrafted planters. Working closely with local artisans and introducing them to contemporary tastes she managed to churn out products that caught the fancy of customers.

Made from locally sourced 100% organic soil the planters are available in delightful shapes, sizes and prices. The bestsellers being the animal series of Elephant, Giraffe, Peacock and Chidiya. The innovative twisted vase and the cup and saucer planters too are quite popular. The Sea Crest Owl and Vintage Deer planters too have quite a following. Mid-sized on ground planters and hanging planters in various animal forms as well as traditional designs are available too.

Beautiful and rare Black Pottery items in the form of Planters, Vases, Tea Lights, Mugs, Kettles Pans, Souvenirs and more are on sale.

Naturally baked with no added chemicals and colors these handmade, eco-friendly items are surely a must have!

A recipe for success with strong customer and corporate support

With a product range that is so artistic, eco-friendly and a delight to have at home or office, it is no wonder that the brand has connected well with customers and fulfilled multiple orders. The corporate sector too has been extending support by way of steady enquiries and purchases. This has resulted in a good quarter on quarter growth of 50%. The brand is taking baby steps in presence at prominent traditional and ethnic stores across Mumbai has also garnered strong response.

With such a positive buzz around, SWADEH is surely staying true to its mission of being the most trusted brand in earthen pottery, supporting local artisans and keeping the rich heritage alive.

Follow Swadeh on Instagram to keep abreast of their latest collections. And visit the Swadeh website to indulge in a guilt free shopping experience and also pick up your favorite earthen planters to brighten up your space.

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