The Nod Skin – The enterprising story of two siblings crafting a modern and exciting skincare brand from traditional recipes, derived from locally grown natural herbs and ingredients.

The Nod Skin

In the truly beautiful vistas of Jammu, two siblings Ojasvi and Charumita are creating a beautiful story. Crafting a business of skincare products, made from traditional recipes, derived from locally grown natural herbs and ingredients.

Skin Care inspired by the wisdom and secret recipes of their beloved Grandmother!

Winters in Jammu can be harsh and our grandmother used to make lip scrubs out of sugar and mint for us, as our lips used to get chapped. Products like good lip scrubs and moisturizing body scrubs were very hard to find, especially lip scrubs that actually helped repair and protect damaged lip skin.” shares Ojasvi.

Having tried the products made by their grandmother and also having shared them with friends in college who gave them very encouraging feedback, the siblings gave in to their entrepreneurial itch. The lip scrub became their first product. After all the initial product trials, the product formulas are set and are gaining good acceptance from a growing client base across the country. Launching with Instagram and then slowly finding shelf space in stores, the journey began!

With time and numerous experiments, The Nod Skin has kept adding value to its product portfolio. Products like Chocolate Cocoa Lip Balm, Himalayan Rose and Sandalwood Range of Skin Care, Honey and Saffron Body Scrub are now customer favorites. Kawha Tea is also an interesting product that was added with a vision to diversify their product portfolio and venture into different niches of products.

All the products are organic with no added preservatives and have a high shelf life. The products are also available at a very competitive price point, so every customer gets good quality along with a good quantity too.

In its own way, the enterprise supports women empowerment. It consciously sources Kesar from local women of Pampore, in Kashmir. Oils like homemade apricot oil and sesame seed oil are also sourced from local women. The Nod Skin wants to contribute towards the financial independence of rural women in Jammu and Kashmir.

An experiment that is bound to deliver beautiful results!

“In the early stage, we fulfilled around 100-200 orders. We asked customers to only pay for the shipping. In return, they tested and reviewed these products for us. This helped us in getting more customers and also improve our products.” Says Ojasvi

Since then, The Nod Skin has got a steady stream of orders and fulfilled more than 500 orders to date. The brand also does smart collaborations and barters with colleges and other institutions. A start has been made with a good presence at local stores. The focus is to consistently deliver organic, preservative-free, sustainable skincare to more and more people.

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