Studio Shay: Statement jewellery that will take your ensemble to the next level.

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“Jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.” ~ Elizabeth Taylor

Sometimes all you need is the right piece of jewellery to make heads turn. Jewellery has the ability to add beauty and glamour to whatever attire you’re wearing, thereby transforming your look into a stylish one. Launched on 16th September 2021 by South India based jewellery designer turned entrepreneur Akshaya, Studio Shay is a promising new startup that strives to create a niche for itself in the jewellery design sector. With its unique and authentic designs, the brand has been witnessing a growth ever since it was launched.

When creative impulse takes over

Before establishing the startup, Akshaya worked as a jewellery designer for other firms. While she learnt a lot during her stint in these companies, the artist in her craved for something more. Her potential as a designer was being underutilized. She took the first step towards independent work by starting to “do her own thing on Instagram.” With time, Akshaya decided to take the plunge and start her own company that would create designs for a target audience of 20–40-year-olds.

Sashay down the street with Studio Shay

The strong-willed entrepreneur explains the business operations of her newborn startup. I design all products by myself and get it manufactured in Jaipur. I sell my products on Instagram and Facebook.” She further elaborates “I work based on design concepts, I conceptualize each design with an aim to create something unique and elegant.” What appeals to customers is the fact that the products are all reasonably priced especially for designer jewelry.

As an accomplished designer, Akshaya prefers using brass as the base material with 24k gold plating. The designs are 100% original and that’s what makes the brand so unique and special.

Shaping up the future

Currently the products are being shipped all over India making their presence felt in the competitive national market. Studio Shay is looking forward to extending its reach by shipping globally.

The plan for future is simply to “become successful and enable Studio Shay to grow”. Instead of thinking too far, Akshaya intends to focus on the next collection and also on creating a blueprint for expanding the team. A bigger team would ensure effective work distribution and better coordination – things that are prerequisites for running a successful business on a long-term basis. Moreover, there are plans of launching new collections in the coming months that’ll be gender neutral and for people across all ages.

From learning the dynamics of marketing to coping with the frills of social media – the learning curve has been on the upswing in these past two months. “I hope to get better at it” she concludes with this remark thereby reflecting an attitude seeped in modesty and optimism.

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