That Colourful Vibe – This artist is winning hearts and bringing positivity into people’s lives.

Art Forms in India – A Complete Metamorphosis

Art is dynamic, with new trends and styles emerging at a fast pace. Indian art reflects the ethics, values, and perception of society. In the 21st century, the art scene in India has undergone several changes both in the quality and mentality of changing people’s perspectives. 

Introducing the Therapeutic Art With An Evolving Artist Gursimran Kaur – That Colourful Vibe

That Colourful Vibe

As quoted by an eminent philosopher Kim Blair, “The pursuit of art on a regular basis may be the key to healing our minds and bodies. It permeates the very deepest part of us where no words exist. 

Gursimran Kaur, an ingenious professional artist launched her brand That Colourful Vibe in 2021. She is a fluid & mixed media artist, adept in other artforms too such as oil, acrylic, alcohol ink art, resin, watercolour, pastels & mandalas (handmade & digital both). 

That Colourful Vibe

Her paintings draw motivation from the factualness of the Universe and help to give her artwork a shape, an abstract, or a descriptive form. For her, art is not just work or passion, it is a meditative process that has supernatural powers of healing. It is a panacea to all problems that surround day-to-day life. Her creative concept called “Journaling- Let Go & Heal” is a part of her Workshop course & acts as a therapy to heal people who feel low in their lives. 

The Inspiration Behind The Brand Foundation

That Colourful Vibe

Gursimran was connected to art since childhood and even continued creating magnificent creations post her college as an avocation. The affirmative response from art epicures and demands for the exhibition made her turn up her hobby as a full-time profession. 

To start with, she conducted all her art workshops online and gradually it went to the offline model too. Together with her workshop and exhibition, she invested around 15k and launched her brand. 

She conducts art workshops for all age groups in both online & offline modes. She puts up art exhibitions Pan India & globally too to manifest and sell her beautiful art forms.

The Client Base & Business Growth

That Colourful Vibe

Since August 2020, Gursimran started conducting Art Workshops for budding artists and till date she has proudly taught the intricacies of her diverse art forms to about 300 students. Through the online/offline exhibitions, she has sold multipe artistic creations.

The brand has witnessed exponential growth in orders in the past few years when fluid artwork and abstract creations were still new and not fully recognized in exhibitions. With time, her consistent endeavours and beautiful display of fluid artwork saw many potential buyers. Not only people started purchasing but also showed keenness in learning abstract creations and this is how she started her workshops too. 

Her art workshops and exhibitions have been held across Pan India & globally too through the digital platform. Her work got featured on Taare Zameen Par(TZP) magazine and Sylph and she has been accoladed with many certificates for her exhibitions & workshops like Flair Online Exhibition, Roohani, Kaushal & Kala Parv art exhibitions, and many more adding feathers in her cap. She also got honoured by MLA Imran Khandewala at her solo exhibition with a token of appreciation. And she also exhibited her work in the world’s largest art event, WLOC 2020- Workd book of records, UK.  

The Farsighted Goals

That Colourful Vibe

Talking about her futuristic plans in years ahead, Gursimran says,” I plan to exhibit many more of my creations and represent the uniqueness of Indian artworks on a global platform.” She also wants to inculcate the real value of art in people who mostly perceive art as mere paintings and drawings, so that they could understand that art is connected to feelings and mindsets. She also aims to start her clothing line and open a hand-painted clothing store to create the right fusion of fashion & art. She envisions to grow her art workshop & take it to a global level through the online space and grow her workshops in brick-and-mortar formats to make people learn new aspects of arts.

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