Shadow Box Angels: Freezing Memories Into A Timeless Case with Customised 3D Shadow Boxes.

“The best gifts in the world are not what one can buy from the store, but in the memories, we make with the people we love.”-Amanda Boyarshinov

Bring Home A Thoughtful Box

Shadow Box Angels

Weddings, birthdays, housewarming, baby showers, there are a ton of milestone events in one person’s lifetime. To make these moments truly special, the idea of personalized gifts, favors, and decorations is trending these days. Personalized gifts are treasured forever and are often kept as a memory to look back on and reminisce the good times spent with loved ones. 

Sweet memories that need to be preserved not only find their way through digital pictures or photo albums but beyond that. Human beings have the urge to collect items that have personal and nostalgic value. The material items used daily are a shadow or reflection of a person’s unique self.

Bringing such unique gifting and décor ideas to our lives is one such brand by the name of Shadow Box Angels. Started in September 2021 by Nidhi Kheria, the brand designs handmade 3D shadowboxes with elegant miniatures in a one-wall frame. These boxes are an expression of personal brand and are a great choice for gifting and home & office décor. 

From Ideation To Conceptualization

Shadow Box Angels

Nidhi was always fascinated with miniatures and small things & wanted to put all designs in a one-wall frame. Moreover, the concept of shadowbox was much prevalent in foreign markets like Australia but not yet fully tapped in India. So, with all vigor & passion, she set forward with an investment of 5-6 lacs and finally launched her brand Shadow Box Angels. 

Thinking Out Of The Box With Shadow Box

Shadow Box Angels

As it is rightly said that gifts are not a mere commodity, what makes them extra special is the thought & emotional value attached. 

Be it a fashionista, a travel lover, a techie, foodaholic, music celebrity, etc, Shadowbox curates the boxes keeping elements as per their personality & that makes the brand so loved & admired by customers. All the miniatures they set in the box are 3D objects that can open or close. Such 3D shadow boxes are new to the Indian market and the meticulous detailing of objects showcased in the box makes it so distinctive. The brand also got featured on Sylph magazine which showcases eclectic curation of creative works.

The Brand’s Market Presence

Shadow Box Angels

Shadow Box Angels is established in Bangalore and they deliver customized boxes to their clients Pan India. Having launched their brand in September 2021, they have so far served more than 70 orders & have received overwhelming responses & repeat orders from Chennai, Bangalore & Punjab. Their Instagram & Facebook page provides a great platform & connectivity with all its existing & potential customers. Celebrities like Jasleen Matharu (Big Boss contestant) and Nupur Pant (YouTube singer) have also appreciated the finesse of the work done.

The Brand’s Mission & Vision

The brand not only wants to restrict itself to creating shadowboxes but have more aspects attached to its name. It wants to accommodate a lot more in one wall and create goodwill for itself in the market.

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