Sari, Not Sorry: Sankalpa Angadi’s Vow to Grace Women with Its 6 Yards Creations

The saree, an epitome of grace and beauty, is a traditional Indian attire that has withstood the test of time. While sarees come in various fabrics, designs, and weaves, handloom sarees are a class apart. Sankalpa Angadi was founded in 2018, the Proprietor of this venture is SAHANA SREEKANTA SASTRY. This is a startup that curates handloom sarees, dress materials, fabrics, dupattas, and jewelry. The brand’s tagline, “Happiness lies in curating 6 yards of grace with love,” reflects their commitment to enhancing the grace and beauty of every woman through their vast offerings.

Vowing to only enhance the grace and beauty of every woman, Sankalpa Angadi sources fabric at an affordable price directly from the manufacturers, shipped worldwide. The brand also provides styling and stitching services and themed-based photoshoots to inspire and motivate young crowds to embrace Indian clothing. The startup recognizes the importance of continuing the saree tradition and takes up wedding orders for styling and wardrobe Consultancy. They also offer guidance on digital marketing and social media presence to those who seek it.

The One-Stop Store

Sankalpa Angadi is a one-stop store for all feminine needs. The brand’s uniqueness lies in finding everything under one roof. Besides sarees and dress materials, Sankalpa Angadi also offers jewelry and running fabrics. The brand’s personalized guidance on styling and wardrobe is another unique feature. The brand recognizes the importance of understanding their customers’ journey and obstacles and organizes events like Stree Sankalpa to meet and greet women.

Photo-shoots are executed based on themes and concepts, and the brand has even executed saree photoshoots with celebrities. Sankalpa Angadi is committed to creating a platform where weavers across the country reach the end customers, getting the fair/right price for their products, and scaling their business. The startup’s commitment to its customers is quality products, seamless delivery, and most importantly, cost-effectiveness.

Sankalpa Angadi’s Future Plans

In the next five years, Sankalpa Angadi envisions a bigger studio, a bigger place where everything related to fashion like fabrics, jewelry, makeup, styling, photoshoots is available under one roof. The startup has already delivered door-to-door services, and they aim to expand this service. They are shipping worldwide, and they see growth in expansion in the same field.

Sankalpa Angadi’s commitment to curating 6 yards of grace with love is evident in the brand’s products and services. The brand’s unique features of finding everything under one roof, personalized styling, and wardrobe guidance, themed-based photoshoots, and guidance on digital marketing and social media presence set them apart from their competitors. Sankalpa Angadi is a step towards keeping the saree tradition alive, and their future plans show their commitment to growth and expansion.

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