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The spiritual journey of – Holistic Healer – Dr. Savneet Kaur Bhasin – started at an early age. Later on in 1993 she was introduced to the art of Reiki healing. From then on, she has been progressing and getting more proficient in higher modules and techniques of Reiki. Today Dr. Savneet Kaur Bhasin who is also called The Destiny Healer, offers Usui Reiki and Shaman Reiki too as part of her healing service.

Through her portal The Destiny Healer, Dr. Savneet offers a powerful combination of healing modalities. Clients can consult her for healing, future predictions, guided meditations, bach flower remedies, past life regression, crystal healing and other practices that help connecting, working and reprogramming the subconscious mind. 

Dr. Savneet also holds a PHD ( Gold Medalist ) in Extra Sensory Perceptions and offers tarot card readings, angel card reading and more. 

Her intuitive abilities has helped many clients heal and evolve to better inner spaces in life and this has seen her get featured in leading publications like Asian Age, Mumbai Mirror and Midday.

Healing intervention with a genuine intention…

Says Dr. Savneet, “I strongly believe that the potential to heal lies deep within our own self. I am helping people understand their emotions and learn to appreciate and manage them better. Most importantly, as I take them along, I don’t make them dependent on me. I make sure they learn to handle their emotions independently.” 

Working closely with people dealing with anger, issues, anxiety, panic, depression or other such overt or subtle emotional issues, Dr. Savneet offers a well-designed holistic counselling process. This   makes the individual understand their pattern, through self-introspection and learn the way to manage issues gracefully and change themselves for the better.

Reiki principles to guide thoughts and actions and move towards a fulfilling and balanced life. Good affirmations, gratitude expression, mediation, understanding grief, learning forgiveness and more. Dr. Savneet also offers detailed courses on Magical Art of Gaining Prosperity, Healing the Inner Child, Healings to Overcome Stress and Fear of Exams and other sessions.

Reaching out to the younger generation and healing senior citizens is the promise the future holds…

At The Destiny Healer, Dr. Savneet Kaur Bhasin foresees the emerging need for in-depth and compassionate healing intervention, to help people manage themselves. She feels that today there is a growing need to reach out to the young, impressionable minds studying at schools and also the teenagers who are about to finish college. With this in mind she is busy preparing a blue print to build a strong connect and reaching out to more and more schools and colleges.

Says Dr. Savneet,” My experience at one of the top colleges in Mumbai where I was invited to conduct a session for teenagers was supposed to be a 2-hour session, but I ended up spending 7 hours interacting and listening to their anxiety issues. This made me realize how important healing is for this age group.” 

KHAYAAL an initiative founded and run by Dr. Savneet is focused on offering Online Holistic Healing to senior citizens online. She ultimately visualizes herself running

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