RG14: An organic and a conscious fashion brand that cares about the future and the Earth!

Conscious clothing is a movement that seeks to minimize the negative impact that the fashion industry has on the environment and society. With a focus on sustainability, ethical production, and fair labor practices, conscious clothing aims to create clothing that is not only beautiful and functional but also responsible. The fashion industry is a significant contributor to pollution, and its production practices often exploit workers and harm local communities. Conscious clothing offers an alternative that puts people and the planet first, ensuring that the clothes we wear are not only stylish but also sustainable and ethical.

RG14, an organic and conscious fashion brand, is on a mission to care for the future and the Earth. Founded by Rutvika Gala on December 1st, 2022, RG14 is committed to responsible fashion and is EPFC certified. As you know, the fashion industry is a significant pollutant globally, with the cloth-making process being one of the main culprits. In fact, 12 big-foot states could be completely pressed with cloth waste. To combat this, RG14 uses 100% organic clothing, natural dye, and sustainable packaging in all of their products. The brand also incorporates sustainable practices by importing natural materials such as sugar cane pulp, rose petal, and orange peel to create fabrics. The sugar cane pulp which is also known as sugarcane bagasse, is typically discarded and burned, causing environmental pollution. RG14 takes this discarded material, mixes it with natural solutions to create yarn, and then makes the fabric to create its garments.

Affordable Organic Clothing and Azo-Free Dyes: RG14’s Unique Offering

One of the unique aspects of RG14 is that the brand offers organic clothing at very affordable prices. Many people in India are not aware of the risks of the dye in the clothes they wear. However, RG14 reduces the risk by using azo-free dyes. Additionally, the brand’s garments are hypoallergenic, making them suitable for all seasons.

RG14 solves a significant pain point by reducing the pollution and the carbon footprint caused by the fashion industry. Rutvika founded the company when she was 22 years old. While studying fashion designing, she completed several internship programs, including one at New York Fashion Week. However, the pollution caused by the fashion industry was depressing for her. Then, COVID-19 happened, and she learned about the functioning of small businesses as starting her own brand was her ultimate motto.

Now, after only two months, RG14 is going strong as a sustainable brand.

Turning Waste into Fabrics: RG14’s Innovative Approach to Sustainable Fashion

The company’s mission is to encourage people to think beyond themselves and consider the environment. RG14’s services are currently spread throughout India, and the brand has already served many orders, including offline orders. They also ship worldwide. In the next five years, Rutvika envisions RG14 becoming a well-known sustainable brand that is making a positive impact on the planet, not just in terms of design but also by being environmentally responsible, where people will view the brand as a role model and seek its guidance for potential solutions in the fashion industry. This is because the brand is dedicated to creating positive change through innovative approaches.

In conclusion, RG14 is a sustainable fashion brand that offers affordable organic clothing, azo-free dyeing, and sustainable packaging to combat the fashion industry’s pollution. The company’s use of natural materials such as sugar cane pulp, rose petal, and orange peel, aloe vera, corn starch and many more to create fabrics, as well as its commitment to using azo-free dyes and hypoallergenic garments, makes it stand out. Founded by Rutvika Gala at the young age of 22, RG14’s mission is to inspire people to care about the environment and create a better future.

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