ReThought: The startup that helps you discover unique, curated and handmade products from small businesses


Vintage Levi’s jackets, hand-painted jeans, crocheted crop tops & clay jewellery; This startup connects Gen Z-powered small businesses with young India looking for unique and hyper-trendy products.

ReThought is a social commerce marketplace that helps small businesses gain more visibility. ‘Shop Small’, an idea at the core of this startup, encourages young Indians to rethink their shopping decisions. The platform hosts trendy products created and curated by Gen Z social commerce sellers.

On ReThought, users can discover different types of small businesses like thrift stores, vintage shops, handmade jewellery stores, upcycled fashion shops and more.

Most small businesses sell their products on social media platforms but the algorithms aren’t always too friendly and they often struggle with low reach and poor sales. This is where ReThought steps in and changes the game, helping these businesses boost their sales and get discovered.

Social commerce: Regulating an unregulated space

Social commerce is a new and hot topic in the market. Most existing players in this space like Meesho, Trell and Bulbul are modeled on social commerce reselling whereas ReThought focuses on small businesses that sell their own curation and creation. While social commerce has grown into a $5 billion industry in India, many customers remain skeptical about purchasing from social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp due to fears of getting scammed.

The team at ReThought takes into account that while customers love the personalization of social shopping, they seek a trustable, reliable and authentic shopping experience. The team ensures that all products listed on their platform are genuine and that every seller is verified and vetted before they join ReThought.

Behind the scenes: The founders

ReThought was launched by duo Adrija and Rohan in March 2021. The founders have diverse backgrounds- Adrija has a design degree in fashion and textiles while Rohan holds a degree in computer science and engineering.

Adrija worked in corporate fashion for a few years before launching her own thrift and vintage store in 2019. Rohan quit his 9-5 job at a tech firm to pursue his culinary passion and started a cloud kitchen service. The duo met in Bangalore while working on a shared project and in late 2020, joined hands to found ReThought.

ReThought: Building young entrepreneurs

Currently based out of New Delhi, ReThought has a pan-India customer base with more than 200 small business sellers listed on their platform. The marketplace, a pioneer in social commerce, focuses on empowering Gen Z and young Millennials to start and grow their small businesses. The founders envision a future where every college student and young professional can channel their inner entrepreneur and monetize their talent, hobby and creativity!

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