Humanhood: A start-up that strives to enhance the well-being of individuals and pushes them to prioritize their personal growth


“Men are anxious to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves; they therefore remain bound.” ~ James Allen

Our lives are shaped by the choices we make. At any given point of time, life presents us with two options – to resist change or to embrace change, to remain just the same or to put in efforts for self development. To help navigate the course of personal growth, one needs courage, conviction and also proper guidance. Launched in October 2020 by first-time entrepreneurs Sakshi Sanghavi and Unnati Shah, Humanhood is a startup that focuses on empowering growth, lifestyle and well-being of individuals across the globe. In fact, Humanhood envisions becoming a global eco-system where every energy that is exchanged is oriented towards growth.

Everything begins with an idea

The dynamic founders of Humanhood were pursuing Masters in a renowned university in Melbourne, Australia while working on the idea of their business venture. They flew back in the first wave of Covid-19 with an urge to bring their dream project to life.

Since childhood, Sakshi dreamt of bringing great value to the society by being an entrepreneur whereas Unnati always wanted to uplift the people around her. They observed a pattern of how individuals got busy with the hustle and bustle of life which had a direct impact on their lifestyle and the time they gave to their own selves or their personal growth. This was the need of the hour especially during the peak times of the pandemic. Hence, the duo took a giant leap of faith and flew back to their home country only to kickstart Humanhood.

“Don’t go through life. Grow through life.”

Humanhood is a brand that ideates and creates aesthetic products that help an individual grow and enhance their well-being. Various kinds of guided journals, desk essentials and journaling cards are available at their stores. These products help an individual get closer to their own selves, their goals and improve their productivity and positivity levels.

Their best-selling self-help product is the Self Awareness Journal. It’s a book of 120 questions to dig deeper into oneself and know yourself better. A lot of their patrons claim that it is not just any journal, but a cheerleader, a companion and a source of confidence. It helps one know why you are ‘you’. 

The Humahood products are modestly priced for them to be accessible to the maximum number of people in order to boost wellness collectively. Occasional workshops, organised with experts give its audience an opportunity to experience overall development. 

With over 4000 self-growth products sold in a year’s time in every part of the country, Humanhood is steadily climbing the ladder of success. Some major clients who have had a positive experience with this brand are Masoom Minawala Mehta (Fashion blogger), Karishma Mehta (Founder of Humans of Bombay), Shubhika Sharma (Founder of Papa Don’t Preach), Raj Shamani (Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker) and Praveen Sethia (RJ Red FM).

In the past one year, Humanhood has built a community of 10K like-minded people, over 1.5k newsletter subscribers and have served over 2500 customers.

Humanhood: Plans to grow by leaps and bounds

In the next few years, the Humanhood team wishes to serve clients globally with a store full of self-growth products. They’re aiming at building a platform that grows beyond products and offers services that can help an individual to personally grow in any way they seek. Also, on the radar is to build a team that aligns with the company’s vision and has an equal amount of determination to fulfill it and spread its offerings across blogs, podcasts and many more avenues.

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