RDS Design Studio : An incredible success tale of two girls who fulfilled their dream of creating a world-class interior design studio

RDS Design Studio

“Interiors shouldn’t be static works of art. You’re meant to interact with them.” – Alexandra Angle

Beautiful homes don’t just happen. They require meticulous planning and execution. More than a fat bank balance, what matters most is the aesthetic sensibility to understand and imbibe the spirit of the dwelling space. This is one of the most interesting aspects of interior designing. It’s not just about decking up spaces with pretty artefacts but more importantly, making the place come alive. Due to a fast-growing real-estate sector, plush designer studios have cropped up in most of the metropolitan cities across India.

One of the most sought after design studios in recent times, Mumbai-based RDS Design Studio has successfully carved out a niche for itself by infusing a unique blend of subtlety and bling that is as distinctive as its appealing. Founded in 2014 by Drashti Parikh and Shweta Makwana, RDS Design Studio has achieved the exceptional feat of completing over 100 projects including both residential and commercial establishments.

How the success story unfolded

RDS Design Studio

The dynamic duo of Drashti and Shweta always had an unwavering dedication and strong willpower to make things happen. Prior to taking a plunge to collaborate and start their own studio, both had worked with reputed firms and gained sufficient experience. Parikh had worked with celebrity designer and founder of NVS Design Studio, Namrata Shroff. Meanwhile, Makawana, an alumnus of Rachna Sansad and also a commerce graduate had worked at an architectural and design firm H.M. Jhaveri & Sons before taking a leap as an entrepreneur along with Parikh. 

RDS Studio : Helping you create beautiful interiors of your dreams

RDS Design Studio

RDS Design Studio is one name that commands respect and admiration from its customers as well as its competitors for the amazing work that it has done so far. It specializes in design development and beautification of commercial, residential, kids’ furniture, kids spaces and hospitality projects. Over the six years of its establishment, it has successfully transformed a plethora of spaces from offices to restaurants/cafes and homes. For any interior designing firm to flourish, it has to latch on to the pulse of its clients and consumers. The unique quality of the creative duo is that they design spaces understanding the clients and kids psychology – how they function, what they want, what appeals to them and what is the overall vision.

Here comes the awesome twosome

RDS Design Studio

According to Shweta Makawana (28 years), co-founder of RDS Design Studio, her personal design style involves playing with lines, especially straight lines which is the most versatile design element and also the basis of any form of design. In one sentence her style mantra is, “Make it simple, but significant.” “For us, simplicity of design to create beautiful spaces which appeal to its social and physical context is most important,” said Drashti Parikh (29 years), an alumna of Rachna Sansad. “I love travelling and knowing a new culture and history of those places. Somehow, those experiences get imbibed in my work.” 

Now the parting shot….

Amidst the growing uncertainty that has gripped the nation, thanks to Covid-19, one thing that keeps the studio going is the absolute trust reposed in them by the loyal clients. This is what has earned through years of honesty and hard work. “Our clients often tell us that we can keep things traditional, but make it a place where they can be Zen,” said the duo who have designed several homes and workplaces for many celebrities including from Bollywood, Sports, Legal and from the world of business but due to client confidentiality they can’t reveal those works. 

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