RANGSUTRA CRAFTS – A success hand woven with the threads of a shared vision and crafted to create a better life for all…

Creating a profitable business model on the strengths of traditional handloom artisans and their craft is always a tough call. But RANGSUTRA CRAFTS co-founded by two womanpreneuers Sumita Ghose and Ritu Suri, had a vision that found expression in this sustainable fashion, home décor and furnishing enterprise. There is an interesting story to it.


Says Sumita,”When we decided to start a community for a 1000 artisans and approached banks they refused to lend us capital. So we raised 1000 Rs from each one in the community and that became our seed capital.”

Since then there has been no looking back. Starting off as a B2B business it also simultaneously evolved into a B2C business serving the fashion needs of the choosy and conscious individual customer.

The brand ethos remains constant – Nurture the rural artisan community and create opportunities for sustainable livelihoods relevant to a 21st century enterprise. RANGSUTRA is today a community-owned business of 3,000 artisans from remote villages and regions across India. 2,000 artisans are direct shareholders. 70% of shareholders are rural women. And the annual turnover is ₹20 cr. It has impacted more than 5000 lives positively!

Creating not just imaginative and quality products, but bringing traditional craft to the forefront of fashion….

RANGSUTRA CRAFTS is a hub that offers contemporary fashion and home décor elements that are designed keeping modern sensibilities in mind. The team of designers work closely with the artisans and keep them updated on fashion trends. Today the brand offers hand-made fashion apparels for both men and women – Kurtas and casual shirts for men and kurtas or kurtis, tops and shirts, skirts, and casual trousers for women. The home furnishings include rugs and throws, cushion covers, bedspreads, curtains, table covers, runners, and table mats. 


Crewel Embroidery of Kashmir, Festive wear in Bamboo Silk, Kitchen accessories made from leftover fabrics. Handwoven cotton sarees, Fashion wear with Sindhi Embroidery on Handwoven Fabric, Delicate Kosa Silk Sarees, Hand done Appliqué Art home furnishings, Unisex Woolen Jackets and more. All this and more traditional crafts like Tie & Dye, Chikankari, Ralli and more are used to create beautiful fashion.

There is more to running a business than just profits… it is about bringing value to the lives of people…

RANGSUTRA CRAFTS as a brand, is quickly evolving to become a preferred choice for a host of customers. Having processed innumerable orders, it is available online as well as at its physical store in NCR. The enterprise is now looking to open stores in other leading metro cities soon.


As a brand it is a unique and profitable success story. But there is more to it says Sumita.
As an organization with a deep awareness of the social side of its enterprise RANGSUTRA CRAFTS has a vision that is bringing together traditional artisans, especially women artisans from across rural India, and giving them a space to earn a livelihood with dignity and excel as entrepreneurs.”

Click here https://www.instagram.com/rangsutracrafts/ and https://rangsutra.com/ to add some really cool and stylish handwoven fashion to your wardrobe. Make it your way of showing support to the talented artisans!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rangsutra.crafts

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rangsutracrafts/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR4X-e5Y1ybjLf3MJu-WOhg

Blog: https://rangsutra.com/blogs/news

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