Raksha Bandhan Special: Struggling to find a perfect Rakhi Gift for your sister? These 6 brands got your back!

“The greatest gift our parents gave us was each other.” – Unknown.

Raksha Bandhan is right around the corner, and we are excited to spotlight some amazing brands and their products that are perfect for brothers to gift to their sisters.


raksha bandhan

Ninegram is a stationery brand founded by Harpreet Pahwa and Suhasini Penna on 19th September, 2019. Ninegram brings quality affordable stationery to the Indian market, while focusing on good design and affordability.

Harpreet and Suhasini are two women entrepreneurs. Harpreet is a graphic designer and Suhasini is an architect. They both saw a space in the market for well-designed stationery. In the end of July 2019, Harpreet visited Mumbai for a job interview, after which she met Suhasini for coffee. Their conversation devolved into the idea of a business partnership and they mutually decided to work on their love for stationery, and hence Ninegram was conceived.

For Raksha Bandhan, Ninegram has unique combos that are curated sets of products bundled together at great deals! These products are made to be used for a variety of purposes – from work to daily life, from planning meetings to diet – thus making these products ideal for gifting.

Harpreet and Suhasini have pure love for good, premium stationery. They want Ninegram to grow to be at every desk possible, where thoughtful designer stationery brings joy to someone’s work and daily life!

Ninegram plans to have more bespoke and tastefully-designed stationery to be available to a wider audience. The brand wants to accelerate the pen to paper culture for their customers. In the future, Ninegram plans to offer in-person experience in the form of retail stores, across India and hopefully in multiple cities around the world.

To know more visit – www.ninegram.in

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/Ninegram.in/

The Sass Project

The Sass Project is a fashion brand founded by Sujata Kapoor, Sanya Kapoor and Sara Kapoor on 1st October, 2020. Their mission is to embrace customisation and provide the best fitting to everyone. They want customers to get what they deserve – a great fit.

SASS actually stands for Sujata and Sanya Sara – where Sujata is the mother and Sanya and Sara are her daughters. Sujata has been in the textile industry for over 10 years. During the lockdown, the trio realized that there is a spectacular waste of fabric in the office. To be sustainable and move towards a zero waste ethic, they decided to create an Instagram page and sell kurtis made out of the leftover material. Gradually, the demand started increasing and they decided to take it up full time. They started a new line of clothing and built this brand from there. They sell padded and adjustable tops, dresses, sets and more.

Literally every product on their page is ideal for gifting!

Currently, The Sass Project is based in Delhi, but they ship worldwide. The brand is small scaled at the moment, but they are scaling up gradually. In the next 5 years, they will be a much bigger brand with a much wider reach.

The Sass Project aims to be accessible to everyone and give everyone the right kind of clothing that fits them perfectly!

To know more visit – https://www.instagram.com/sassproject/?hl=en

Chockriti Chocolates

Dr. Pragati Sawhney founded Chockriti Chocolates in October 2011, and launched the brand officially in February 2012. 

Chockriti Chocolates aims to bring the art, purity and essence of the unique flavors of India into a globally appealing, luxurious, but affordable, “Made in India” chocolate brand.

Dr. Pragati Sawhney is a professionally-trained Dentist with a flair for refined products. When she surveyed the state of chocolate brands in India she realized that there are a lot of unhealthy ingredients in chocolate among industrial brands in India. She self-taught herself to create new artisanal chocolates using premium cacao with natural herbs, flowers, teas and spices with no added sugar, butter, vegetable oil, corn syrup, invertase, alcohol or artificial flavourings. “Choc” is short for Chocolate and “Kriti” means “Work of Art” in Sanskrit. The lotus flower symbolizes the essence of purity and goodness.

Inspired by her Indian roots, culture and festivals – she created innovative new chocolate flavors like Banarasi Paan, Thandai, Gujjia, Gajjak, Sandalwood, etc., all with local Indian ingredients. For a global experience, she also created flavors like Zataar, African Rooibos, Tea, etc. These chocolates are made from fine fair-trade Belgian cacao and organic soy lecithin-free bean to bar cacao from South India. (Try her 80% Almond Sea Salt made with only jaggery and pure organic single-origin cacao)

Every girl has a thing for chocolates, and for Raksha Bandhan, these Desi Chocolates could be the perfect gift. There’s a wide array of Fine Fairtrade Belgian Chocolates, BonBons and Bars to choose from. For Rakhi, she making Mulled Apple Spice, Turkish Coffee, Ras Malai, Bakhalava, Rooh Afza along with her best sellers. You can also customize flavours to make things interesting, and there’s also the option for customized luxury packaging.

To know more visit – www.chockriti.com

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/chockriti.chocolatier/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Chockriti/


Swashaa is a fashion accessories brand founded by 5 housewives – Twisha, Jignasha, Nikita, Manali and Vaishaki – on 19th July, 2021. They create both leather as well as traditional cloth bags and handblock printed bags. Their aim is to provide trendy luxury products at an affordable price for women that are into fashion accessories and fashion trends.

The founders are all very fond of bags and they used to see trendy bags or branded bags being very expensive. They collectively came up with the idea to create bags that are top quality, with great designs and colours, at a very affordable price.

All 5 of them are housewives and have kids. They were never exposed to the culture of entrepreneurship. They got creative during the lockdown, and were eager to start something new. And hence, Swashaa was born.

For Raksha Bandhan, Swashaa offers sling leather bags, cloth bags, handblock printed bags, wallets, slings and trout bags – that would easily appeal to your sister. They are also planning to launch an entire new collection of jewelry and kids’ accessories soon.

Currently, Swashaa is an online store that ships all over India. Every product sold by this brand costs under 1000 bucks. So these products are a great option if you’re tight on a budget.

To know more visit – https://www.swashaa.com/collections/all?utm_source=instagram&utm_medium=Instagram_Stories&utm_campaign=business_wire_rakshabandhan

Instagram – https://instagram.com/swashaaindia?utm_medium=copy_link

Alyssa Fine Jewellery

Alyssa Fine Jewellery was founded by Vedika Chamria on 22nd February, 2016. This brand specializes in personalised fun jewellery along with evil eyes, stackable bracelets and dainty earrings that are ideal for gifting. All products are made in 14K/18K gold and natural diamonds. The brand also includes an Authenticity Certificate and a Care Card with every purchase.

Vedika was never really interested in jewellery and always wanted to bag a corporate job. However, because she already had an existing setup of craftsmen from her family business, her parents suggested she should focus on that. She learned everything there was to learn about Diamond Grading. She did some market research and found a gap in the market and launched Alyssa – aiming to provide luxury jewellery without breaking the bank. Having lived in London for three years, Vedika realized the need for western jewellery trends in India – not only the designs but also providing the highest quality of products at much more affordable prices. So she offers her products that are budget-friendly, personalized, giftable and wearable everyday.

Vedika firmly believes that there are 5 essential jewellery items that every girl should have:

– Evil Eye Bracelet

– Monogram Bracelet

– Diamond Hoop Earrings

– Tennis Bracelet  

– Dual Layered Pendant

Alyssa’s services are spread worldwide – via Instagram, WhatsApp, or by appointment at their studio in Mumbai.

To know more visit – https://www.instagram.com/alyssafinejewellery/

The Infused Kettle

The Infused Kettle is a tea company founded by Shalini Sinha Raj in October 2019. The brand specializes in blending tea with green tea, white tea, black tea and oolong tea. They are catering to the wellness & health segment, and also the indulgence segment.

After her MBA, Shalini got a job at Coca-Cola. After working there for about 7 years, she took the leap of faith to start her own Boutique Travel Firm – Journey Weavers in 2012. This company is into curated and experiential travel, like milestone celebrations and small group trips to unknown, offbeat locations. Since this company was already up and running , Shalini had enough time and wanted to venture into something new and interesting. She was in Canada with a group of friends in the year 2000, and she discovered the gap between the supply and opportunity to create a market for tea. And that’s how the tea making came into existence.

The Infused Kettle isn’t primarily into the gift-curating business, but they have these special blends that they keep inventing. Their Health and Wellness Range, or their Taste Range (Masala, Oolog and Earl Greys) and some are just for fun – Vodka Tea, Rum Tea, Moonlight Tea).

Nowadays, people want to make their celebrations unique and special. Gifting varieties of tea to your sister is a great way to accomplish that. Infused Kettle wants to collaborate with gift curators who want their products for their gift hampers, but they are also launching their own gifting segment this festive season.

To know more visit – www.theinfusedkettle.com

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/theinfusedkettle/?hl=en

To read more Startup Stories on The Business Press, visit – https://www.thebusinesspress.in


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