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Buzztiger was started with the intent of being a platform that notifies people about everyday events happening in restaurants, clubs, bar and lounge around their area and their desired location. During the business development phase, they were looking forward to outsource their marketing to an agency. They approached a lot of agencies, received super high quotations and realized that there must be a lot of startups and companies like themselves who are finding it difficult to outsource due to the financial constraint.

So that’s when they got their A Team together and started building their steps to promote startups, small and midsize business through branding, marketing and technical solutions at budget friendly prices. Having struggled themselves they ought to seek for a solution that would easily be accessible over a phone’s tap.

They first understand the position that the brand is in, and curate a personalized strategy that the brand truly needs so that it gets its well-deserved awareness and response, depending on the budget of the client, they give their commercials accordingly. As they believe that marketing needs to be an investment and never a liability and their main aim is to make their clients goal attainable.

A notion by one startup for the others


Having an educational background as solid as a degree in B.Sc. in Business under LSE, Srishti Rishi always wanted to build something solely of her own that was more about creating an impact. Through the entire process they came across exceptional responses that were unbelievably overwhelming. As no 24 hours have only day or only night, they too faced rejections along with warmth. But what’s important in the journey is that everyday is a fresh start, nothing repeats, you get to experience every 24 hours differently and this is exactly what gets their interests and gets them going to strive for more and more and serve their best everyday.

As they expanded, the response they got from the masses also grew drastically, with response from as far as Melbourne, Australia. Yes, they do cater to the farthest continent as there are startups and small businesses spread in each and every nook and corner of the world. Small businesses face challenges to reach out to their target audiences but when met with the right sources with respect to branding, marketing and technical solutions this makes a huge impact. Buzztiger strongly believes that each brand deserves impactful branding and marketing and finance should never be a constraint for them.

Your one stop for seeking solutions – Buzztiger

They currently have clients in India and Australia for branding, marketing and technical solutions. For exports however, it’s all around the world. For Buzztiger, every client is equally important and hence each client is given equal amount of attention.

 In future, they intend to start consultancy services for all types of business so that all brands can benefit from this. They also look forward to expanding their consultancy verticals to Human Resources and Legal consultancy as a part of their journey.

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