PANCIKA STUDIOS – A tech driven virtual design studio, focused entirely on serving its customer’s vivid imagination

When the founders of PANCIKA STUDIOS Sunil Azad and Anny Mehta were working for other studios as 3D and CG professionals respectively, they observed that the way studios functioned in response to client needs, was too rigid.

“For getting every little thing done there was this long process and escalation. I felt that there were just too many steps that slowed down the entire workflow”, shares Sunil. 


In today’s fast moving time clients will take their business to those who can match their speed of thought and the pace of the results they expect. This thought became the founding principle for PANCIKA STUDIOS and Sunil and Anny set about changing the way the game was played.

Anny says, “We were clear right from the beginning – the customer gets to interact directly with decision makers and design experts. The emphasis will always be on an almost immediate response to every query.”

This delivered a great sense of comfort and confidence to every client and PANCIKA STUDIOS soon came to be known as a studio that delivered on time, high class work.

High end virtual designing skills that defines the benchmark for real life interior designing projects


Launched in March 2021, PANCIKA STUDIOS is all about creating Virtual Interiors rendered in 3D. The difference being that, the studio delivers an exceptionally high-quality finish and the attention to detail is also way above industry standards. They focus on 3D interior design and renderings for e-commerce.

The niche that it serves, is the one where clients don’t have the time or the money to set up an expensive real life photography shoot. PANCIKA STUDIOS has the technology and the creative imagination to use a computer and create the interior just the way a client has imagined. The winning advantage being that, changes if any, can be made almost immediately and inexpensively. TIME SAVED. MONEY SAVED. DESIGN APPROVED. Satisfaction all round.


“We have handled Eastern, European and Western designs for interiors and exteriors and created detail specific walkthroughs for corporates as well as individuals. Our team has the expertise to translate complex projects into life like design,” shares Anny.

The same set of skills have also been extended to other design verticals like Product Design, Furniture Modeling, Vehicle Design, Gaming Assets, Game Art, AR modelling and to some extent Animation and Graphic Design too.

Growing a business means looking at it from every single dimension in both the real and the virtual world…


To evolve, a tech driven business has to be on its toes and keep itself up to date with new technology, the market dynamics as well as customer needs.

“Over the last 3 years since we started, we have kept ourselves busy learning and designing new ways of looking at virtual interiors, products and other business centric render necessities. We have served a growing pool of customers across business verticals within India and abroad,” says Sunil confidently.


WithMetaverse positioned to be the next big thing for tech teams, PANCIKA STUDIOS is surfing the rising waves of interest to bring this fabulous technology to everyone who wants to get into and experiment within virtual space.

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