Nutrispice: Here’s how this brand is combining ancient wisdom and modern science to create natural health supplements and ingredients that exhibit authenticity and originality.

“Time and health are two precious assets that we don’t appreciate until they have been depleted.”

Nutrition is one of the primary aspects of today’s lifestyle. The use of nutritional supplements has gained immense popularity among individuals in the recent years. Nutritional supplements are products which are generally used to improve the diet and often contain vitamins, minerals, herbs or amino acids.

Nutrispice believes that health goes hand in hand with the food we eat. The cure to all our illnesses lies in the what we consume. Nutrispice is a premium brand that offers some of the best health supplements as well as food ingredients that gives you all the nutrients that are necessary in your daily diet.

Nutrispice has devised a way to combine ancient wisdom and modern science to give us the finest and most effective products that keep us healthy by improving our natural immunogenic response. This, along with their passion for healthy & satisfying cuisines is what drove Nutrispice towards a journey of understanding and relearning the entire concept of health and food. 

With unique patented ingredients along with traditional ones backed by modern-research, Nutrispice serves their customers with best health supplements, premium organic spices, specialty spices, seasoning, soup mixes, health drink mix that exhibit authenticity and originality.

The health supplements are developed using internationally recognized spices and herbal extracts that are clinically proven (peer-reviewed & published) to be effective for various therapeutic conditions at optimized dosages. These ingredients also undergo various stages of stringent monitoring and testing to make sure that all the safety parameters are met as per the FSSAI approved standards.

With A Clear Vision for their Customer’s Health and Nutrition…

Launched six months ago, the managing director Dr. Balu P. Maliakel has been at the brand’s helm since inception. A lot of customers get exploited by brands when it comes to supplements for health. Nutrispice wants to create a brand that provides quality and genuine products to all their customers. Based in Kerala, Nutrispice is shipping their products all over India.

Nutrispice: Giving a Scientific Twist to Health Supplements


The health supplements are made by a specialized team of experts using high quality spice and herbal extracts. All the raw materials used in the manufacturing have been carefully procured by a specialized team from selected sources. The health supplements can help with joint health, women health, liver protection, diabetic management, gut health and immunity support.

They also offer an antioxidant product called Nutri-Curcumin-95 with organic turmeric extract as ingredient. They also offer Organic Malabar black pepper (Malabar pepper is a variety of black pepper that originated as a chance seedling in a geographical region that now forms part of the present-day state of Kerala in India) and Organic Wayanad ginger (A ginger variety that is highly appreciated in India and abroad).

Nutrispice uses several patented and clinically proven ingredients for formulating their health supplements and these ingredients used in the supplements have won several international awards & recognitions.


Slow and Steady Always Wins the Race…

Nutrispice has received overwhelming responses on the product effectiveness from its customers within few weeks of supplementation. The brand’s mission is to support its customers in leading a healthy lifestyle and improve quality of life.

In the next few years, Nutrispice envisions to develop a healthy community powered by the goodness of natural products. You can purchase Nutrispice products from their website . You can also download the Nutrispice app from Google Play Store and App Store.   

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