NATURE CRAFT ORGANICA –Discover the pure sweetness of Organic Honey straight from the Dhauladhar Mountain Range.

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This is a really delicious entrepreneurial tale, of how a passion for knowledge can inspire somebody to start and successfully build up a genuinely good natural food brand.

“I was doing a Certified Beekeeper Course and during that entire span of learning, I got to know so much about the life of bees and the different types of Honey, that I decided to invest my energies in creating a pure and organic Honey brand,” says Ojaswi Barotia the Founder of Nature Craft Organica Honey and other natural products.

Nature Craft Organica

The business commenced on 06 September 2021 and it is based in one of India’s most beautiful region, blessed with a breathtaking variety of medicinal flora and variety of fauna – Himachal Pradesh.  With smart branding, competitive pricing and attractive packaging Ojaswi quickly made Nature Craft Organica honey one of the most trusted pure and organic Honey brand available in the market.

Nature Craft Organica – Delivering pure golden Honey – Crafted by Bees – Collected hygienically by Humans

Nature Craft Organica

What Nature Craft Organica brings in every jar of honey is pure, flowing liquid health. Every spoonful is simply bursting with the goodness of nature. Says Ojaswi, “Having access to the Bee Hives in the Dhauladhar Range of Himachal Pradesh means, we pack pure nectar for you in every jar, created from the heart of various wildflowers, blessed with its distinct floral notes and enhanced by the presence of pollen and wax.”

It truly carries that Desi goodness in it. Scoop out a spoonful from a jar and what you see is pure, golden, thick natural raw honey. It not only looks very premium, but tastes exceptionally delicious too! Collected hygienically by experienced hands, Nature Craft Organica honey comes with no artificial flavors or sweeteners. 

It is a perfect meal time complement and tastes fabulous when spread on bread, rotis or dropped into hot or cold beverages. It is also an excellent sweetening alternative to sugar for baked products.

The honey offers a variety of health benefits –

Nature Craft Organica

• Rich in vitamin K and Vitamin A – promotes heart health and liver function

• Excellent source of antioxidants.

• Antibacterial and antifungal

• Soothes a sore throat

• Energy booster

• Enhances Digestion

100% PURE | 100% RAW | 100% SUSTAINABLE

Success tastes all the more sweet when it helps to improve someone’s life!  

Nature Craft Organica

Being founded by a woman entrepreneur, Nature Craft Organica has nurtured a thoughtful and compassionate side to its operations. It is a people oriented brand rooted in the belief that it owes a lot to society. This it seeks to repay with gratitude in the form of gainful employment and financial help for women associated with it.  

Says Ojaswi, “Nature Craft Organica aims to continue to expand the size of the self-help groups of women every single day.  With a business that is growing at a healthy pace what I intend to do is create more awareness and put Nature Craft Organica on market shelves across India.”

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