MAKON HOME – Imagine a home filled with things to soothe your aesthetic sense and please your conscience too!

A home is a genuine extension of the personalities of the people co-existing in that space. It can be a piece of art, a light, furniture, a colour and many such things. A noticeable trend has been the evolution of homemakers, consciously seeking to beautify and fill spaces by striking a balance between art and sustainability.

“I created MAKON HOME to match this trend and fill the gap for sustainable and minimalistic Home Décor, using all my experience as a décor blogger and a product stylist,” mentions Pooja Moirangthem – the talented founder of Makon Home.

MAKON HOME – From simply an idea to a flourishing enterprise, that brings the intricate and artistic beauty of the North East to your home…


Born in Manipur and now settled in Delhi, Pooja launched MAKON HOME on 25th September 2021. Makon means ‘Nest’ in a local language of Manipur. Pooja gave it a beautiful interpretation to signify, that just as birds weave their homes with skill, care and love, MAKON HOME too offers products that are woven with equal passion and skill.

With an agenda to showcase Manipuri art and culture to the world, Pooja took under her wing a group of talented women and rural artisans. Knowing what the taste of the market is like and what craft articles would sell, Pooja guided her team to create hand-woven and hand-crafted products using locally available material.

Pooja says “We strive to create beautiful home décor, where the traditional blends with contemporary tastes almost seamlessly, to create eco-friendly and sustainable utility items for home spaces.”   


The team has today created an eclectic portfolio from products like Cane, Bamboo, Kouna Grass, Cotton and Terracotta. On offer are crafted tea and snack trays, fruits baskets, storage baskets, chairs, tooth brushes, bottles, straws, purses etc.

Lightweight and durable these items are classy and convenient.

A very interesting range of bags, utility boxes, hamper baskets and mats are made from Kouna Grass – a long water reed grass found extensively in the wetlands of Manipur. The articles all handmade by traditional weavers are very stylish, multi-use and also long lasting. They are available in natural colours or hand-dyed versions. This particular line of products has ensured that the indigenous Kouna Grass Handicrafts of Manipur has gained growing popularity and bought in more revenue for the brand.


MAKON HOME has also created a whole line of very exclusive handlooms. The beauty of the handloom range is that the production is entirely manual. The range consists of hand-woven and naturally dyed bed linens, cushion covers, curtains, table cloth, throws and scarfs.

MAKON HOME – Empowerment for the local artisans… goodwill for the brand!


With a focus on empowering local artisans of the Northeast, Makon Home aims to help the women it employs and their families, get the right value for their work. As business expands, there are plans to fan out to nearby villages and offer more employment opportunities to locals.

Currently, Makon Home delivers their products Pan India and overseas.

Get your hands on their sustainable and hand-crafted collection for your home. Visit their Instagram profile @makon.home or place your order on +91 9810306264.

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