Bagpacker Me- Capturing The Indelible Memories Of Travel

“Travel compels us out of our comfort zones, inspiring us to see, taste, and explore the world. It perpetually challenges us not only to adapt to and seek out new realities but also to connect with new folks, to appreciate unique and fresh experiences and to share them with our favourite people.”- Anthony Bourdain 

Bagpacker Me

Travel is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown. However, when like-minded explorers share their life lessons & experiences, it ignites a kick to all travel freaks to follow the set trail carrying the experiences shared within the community. This is exactly what a travel startup firm called Bagpacker Me offers to all the hodophiles.

Kicked off in January 2020 by Kevin Harding, Bagpacker Me is a travel broadcasting company that plans customised travel trips and itineraries within India as per the client’s need. The brand’s website features travel podcasts, travel blogs, videos, photos, texts, and testimonies of all travel lovers who want to share their travel experiences with the community. This enables the travellers to make a new bond with each other, educate others about the places, food, roads, and all other details to make their journey memorable. 

The Key Distinctiveness Of The Brand

Bagpacker Me

The uniqueness of Bagpacker Me lies in the customised travel experience they offer to the journeyer. They undertake the booking process manually so that whatever activity needs to be included/excluded, can be personalized according to the client’s choice. 

Be it Holi celebrations at Vrindavan, Ganga Aarti at Varanasi, the Watermelon fest, or capturing the delectable street food of Mumbai, each reel relates a real-time moment as experienced by the excursionist. 

The Inspiration To Get Going The Wanderlust Spirit

Bagpacker Me

During the Covid pandemic, there was a lot of buzz about travel podcasts and Kevin started the community of travel podcasters which eventually grew to a chain of 6-8 people in a year. Since travel was restricted during the pandemic, Kevin started sharing his previous trip experiences and explorations about a myriad of places he had visited. According to him, it is not the destination alone that matters, but the journey and experiences derived in the trip that is a story worth sharing. This is how the whole idea conceptualized and Kevin quit his regular job to follow his heart & dreams.

He believes in “Balancing The Act” which signifies that existence not only persists being compatible on social and professional fronts but also seeking time to travel, explore and feed the latent passions within each one. For instance, a weekend getaway can inspire someone to pursue his /her hobby of photography or inspire a food lover to become a food critic or connoisseur. 

The Future Plans Of The Brand & The Growth Momentum

Bagpacker Me

The company which initially started with day trips is now evolving and growing with new verticals. Presently, the brand has reached within the whole of Maharashtra and in near future, they aim to grow Pan India and internationally too. 

They have catered their services to around 2000 travel voyagers and their podcasts reach around 60k-65k travel enthusiasts who follow the brand to get insights about the diverse places and food, the surrealistic beauty of nature through their travel podcasting platform. 

Bagpacker Me

They aim to enrich their content & continue sharing the rich experiences of traveling in India to inspire listeners to take the leap of faith and set out to explore the beautiful and exotic country of India.

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