LALITHA DOLLS – Inspired by her mother’s creativity, this teacher turned entrepreneur launched her own gifting startup

Childhood is a very impressionable phase of life and a child sees and learns a lot in it. This is what Divya founder of LALITHA DOLLS experienced. In her childhood she saw her mother working with colorful beads and other material to create handmade dolls dressed up in beautiful frocks.

After finishing her M.Sc B.ed Divya worked as high school teacher. But the pandemic bought everything to a standstill and when her husband who works in IT got benched, she took matters in her own hands. One day she decided to drape doll in a saree and the results were stunning. She got such a good response for it that Divya at the age of 28, decided to turn into a Mompreneur.

From the first doll she posted till today it has been a journey of experimenting and creating interesting variations for every occasion. Today LALITHA DOLLS is a go to market place for all types of traditional festivals or gifting occasions.

From traditional dolls to modern Barbie dolls anything can be customized that’s the whole charm…

What makes LALITHA DOLLS so special, is that it understands what its customers’ need, what the occasion is and then it creates theme dolls around all this. Using a beautiful mix of quality material of beads, sequins, jewelry, lace and cloth, it creates truly life like figures that make every occasion unforgettable.

Apart from the regular Indian man, woman and child dolls, LALITHA DOLLS also offers creations with Barbie Dolls for customers who demand it. That is why it can strongly claims that it can customise any culture, tradition, costume or theme with any doll. There is no compromise on detailing, finishing and the timeline of deliveries. Each and every doll and other accessories are completely handcrafted making them really unique.

LALITHA DOLLS offers the choicest of thamboolam return gifts and decorative dolls for every function and festival. It has gifts for engagements, vrathams, weddings, gruhapravesham, house warming, seemantham, half saree ceremony, naming ceremony, cradle ceremony, sastipoorthi arangetram, baby Krishna doll, Yashoda- Krishna pair of dolls, Raja – Rani pair of dolls, Welcome Dolls and dolls for nearly every festive occasion.
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Growing with celebrity endorsements as well as customers who appreciate genuinely wonderful gifts


It is not luck… its sheer hard work and dedication that has carried LALITHA DOLLS forward to an eminent position where they gained an impressive number of followers as well as appreciative customers both from India and abroad.

Highly popular influencers like Kalyani Boppa, Madhuri Krishna have bought from LALITHA DOLLS. More recently high profile actress, health and lifestyle coach Kaavya Sha ordered 21 sets of wedding rituals. In fact, when one the videos went viral the orders saw a good jump. The enterprise receives about 15 plus orders in a month and along with thamboolam wedding rituals it dispatches around 60 – 75 orders on an average.

The next milestone that Divya wants to reach is to start a studio, which will be a space for differently-abled persons to find gainful employment and contribute in the growth of the business.

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