Kalikaari: Guiding kids through a myriad of emotions and helping them express their feelings in a positive and healthy way


Our feelings and emotions are what make us human. To acknowledge them, accept them and embrace them is a lifelong endeavor. We’re all learning to cope with our emotions because it’s only our emotions that help us understand what’s going on within us and around us. But what does a child know about emotions? Untainted by the prejudices of the world, there is purity and authenticity in the way a child feels. But they need guidance and proper counsel to comprehend the complex emotions encountered while growing up. Schools don’t teach how to identify and explain emotions, even though building and growing a child’s emotional intelligence should start at a very young age. It’s as important as learning numbers, letters, rhymes and color sorting.

Launched on 1st June 2021 by first-time entrepreneur Kalika Shete Chitale, Kalikaari is a startup that strives to teach the little ones how to know and deal with their strong emotions.

Let’s begin from the beginning

Art has always been an integral part of Kalika’s life. A graphic designer by profession, Kalika decided to quit her advertising job to “do something of my own “. She soon began learning the fine art of Mandala as a means to attain inner composure and also to indulge in some ME time. These therapeutic practice sessions “inspired me to work on some new projects related to Mandala (beneficial for kids) which will be launched soon on my Instagram page kalikaari_funeveryday soon”.

However, the bigger impetus for establishing a startup came from her experience of motherhood which allowed her to instinctively feel the emotional intricacies of a delicate mind at a tender age. Being a mother of a 3.5 years old kid whose behavior and emotional state had been impacted due to the pandemic, Kalika understood how getting locked at home for months and not knowing the emotions behind it had put her child under an emotional trauma. She explains “This unsettled me and I thought of doing something more for every kid around who has been emotionally impacted and didn’t know how to express or know their feelings”. With her husband’s support and encouragement, she plunged headlong into her dream venture Kalikaari.

Kalikaari : Caring for your child’s emotional well-being

Brand Kalikaari is all about helping kids grasp their emotions and feelings and attempting to understand why they are feeling what they’re feeling. Kalikaari has introduced the Feelings and Emotions Flashcards which are fun and easy ways to enable kids to communicate their emotions in a precise manner.

These unique flashcards are double side printed, with the front side having brightly colored illustrations and the back side having a question asked in a profound yet fun way. This helps parents understand their kids’ emotional state even deeper. The products are available all over India, through their Instagram page and Amazon.in.

Future brimming with possibilities

The journey has just begun with just one product being launched and few more are in the pipeline. Team Kalikaari is determined to spread awareness about kids’ emotional health and coping skills needed to overcome complex feelings experienced by kids.

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