Jay International: How An Individual’s Hard-Work And Willpower Turned His Struggle Into A Grand Success

Jay International, launched in 1996, is a highly recognized and trusted name in the field of professional LED lighting solutions. In fact, with its prolific founder, Romil Shah, at the helm, Jay International has managed to create a niche for itself in both domestic as well as international markets.



How the story unfolds

Like any remarkable story of unprecedented success, this one too began with struggle, failure and a strong hunger to achieve something great. Romil Shah hailed from a family of businessmen where every generation was involved in business of some or the other form.

He narrated his inspiring tale in his own words. “Few years ago, due to tremendous economic losses, my family was going through a tough time. I had to drop out of college and join my father’s business in order to help out. However, due to different thought processes, a few years later, I decided to start on my own in order to fulfill financial needs of my own. It was the situation and circumstances which inspired me to enter into the business”.

In short, he started from rock bottom and began the inception of one of the most prominent success stories of our times.



Jay International: A vision to light up lives around you

Located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Jay International has expanded its base and has grown to become one of the top suppliers of LED lighting solutions. Its impeccable customer service and unparalleled quality and range of LED products has ensured its seamless transition from a local company to a global brand. It provides lighting solutions for major projects and infrastructures that include popular hotels, significant public events and national/international airports. Along with expanding its domestic market, the company has gradually started making inroads into international markets such as Hong Kong, Thailand, USA and many more. Its soaring success lies in its core values and beliefs. The company distributes and markets products from Hong Kong based company Rio Resources.

In the words of its founder “We strongly believe in giving the best services and we treat each customer as a part of our family. We stand by them in all situations”.



Future All Bright with Endless Possibilities

The future looks all bright and glittery for this LED supplier brand. And why not? With unrelenting hard work and self-belief, no dream is too big. Romil believes in working with honesty and letting his work speak for itself. His articulates his vision in a few lines:

“In the coming future, we see ourselves as growing into one of the best and biggest companies providing LED lighting solutions. Currently, we are one of the few who offer such a service on a national and international level but I hope to soon be the market leader”.


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