Inzane Design Studio: A multidisciplinary Design Studio, that is becoming a fast growing Design Factory catering to all your design needs & enhancing your brand presence with their unconventional creative strategies!

inzane design studio

“Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that’s why it’s so complicated. ” ~ Paul Rand, graphic designer

Design plays a significant role in the overall success or failure of a brand. Good design means good business. In today’s times, companies are going out of their ways to hire talented graphic designers to help bridge the gap between creativity and commerce and to elevate the brand value of an organization. In the past decade, several designer studios have emerged. Launched on 14th May 2020 by the supremely talented multidisciplinary artist/designer Meen Vora, Inzane Design Studio has become a name to reckon with. The studio strives to “connect the dots between our creativity, your likes and market trends.” The passion for creating unconventional designs empowers the Inzane team to grow your brand to its full potential.

How the Inzane journey began

Born to parents who themselves are accomplished designers and creative entrepreneurs, Meen has art and creativity instilled in her blood. Having completed the Foundation Directorate course of art from Model Art Institute, Mumbai and painting course from J.J.School of Art, Meen worked for one of the largest diamond manufacturers of the world, ROSY BLUE with over 6 years of jewelry design experience and then the creative explorer in her made her shift gears to graphic designing and began assisting her parents in the family business, along with working with a design agency called Basil Leaf creative for 3 years as a visualizer & graphic designer.  This enabled her to gain practical experience & achieve expertise in various aspects of graphic design.

Logo Designs

Then came 2020 and everything came to a standstill, thanks to Corona. It became a blessing in disguise for Meen, allowing her to pause and reflect on the journey so far. The ever-learning designer explains “A break from the usual hustle & finally giving a face to my 15 years of multidisciplinary design fields experience gave birth to Inzane Design studio!”


Innovative Infographic for Landscape Design Company

INZANE is not a typical, run-of-the-mill graphic design studio. Rather, it’s a multidisciplinary design studio that aims to focus on the virtues of simplicity and clarity as far as designs are concerned. The brand has a penchant for simple, effective but unconventional design solutions that reflect its artistic finesse and creative expression. Hence, Inzane caters especially to clients who love taking the unconventional route rather than following the rat race.


Inzane Design Studio is associated with a mixed bag of clients, be it a production house called Colage Communication, a well-known mattress & nightwear brand called Gaadlawala Garage, a 35-year-old Heritage Carpet brand called Carpets of Kashmir, a popular fashion brand for little girls called Pinkcow designs, a young award winning Intellectual property firm Intellexsys, a health & fitness brand called FAD2FIT, a hygiene & tissue brand Paparaz, a landscape design company Nature Bliss, a men’s printed trunks, socks brand called Oneleph and many more! All these clients have been a rock solid support to Inzane and they have contributed immensely in Inzane’s growth. The startup is spread across pan India & certain parts of USA & Australia.

Future in post-Covid era

Inspite of the challenges posed by Covid-19, the startup has been off to a promising start. There has been a good surge in 11 months since its inception, with Team Inzane bagging multiple retainers already & working on various exciting branding projects!

Founder Meen is quite optimistic about the future prospects of her brainchild Inzane. In her words “I am aiming Inzane Design Studio to be a DESIGN FACTORY! Churning out designs for all possible fields! A one stop shop for any & every design needs! Be it Branding, Illustrations, Pattern creations, Social media creatives, Outdoor media creatives, Sketches, Customized Paintings, Customized Designer Stationery and much more.”

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