boy.eatsworld: Tracing the journey of a blogging platform that’s striving to become one of the biggest food & travel blogs of the country


They say that the perfect traveler is one who holds love for both, understanding a culture as well as eating the culture. To travel is to explore and no exploration is complete without delving deep into the cuisines of that particular region. Since food has now become a vital component of overall travel experience, bloggers have begun to highlight this inextricably overlapping relationship between food and travel.

Launched on 30th November 2020 by Sohail Nath, boy.eatsworld is a food and travel blog that is creating quite a buzz with its impressive content and striking photographs. Sohail calls this his “passion project” that enables him to harness his inner creativity and explore his love for cooking, travelling & photography.


How it all came together


Sohail’s tryst with cooking began in childhood itself with his repeated attempts at making shapeless roti’s.

However, it was his insatiable craving for Bao’s during the initial lockdown period that proved to be the starting point of this extraordinary venture. A short stint at Bao Making Class channeled his desire to make, to eat and to feed his family different cuisines including but not limited to, Italian, Chinese and lots of Breads, including Gourmet, Breakfast & Pull Apart! 

With unflinching support from his family, Sohail began experimenting with new dishes in the kitchen. Soon, the ball started rolling as he started curating bread recipes. From posting pictures on Instagram to working closely with a graphic designer and coming up with a brand identity, aesthetic and logo, it was a long but utterly rewarding journey.

boy.eatsworld: happy place for food lovers and travel enthusiasts

The brand aims to inspire people to cook food with fresher ingredients and encourage them to try out different cuisines whilst sharing niche travel and food recommendations from similar countries & cities. 

The blog is inclined towards food recipes, food styling & photography but also covers a diverse range of topics such as travel reels, mixology, detailed recipe videos & restaurant recommendations, among others.

boy.eatsworld intends to collect different recipes from cuisines around the world and showcase them in a one-stop single platform, with easy-to-follow instructions – in written, pictorial or video demonstrated route! It also offers unorthodox travel ideas & inspirations for users to plan holidays properly. Moreover, the mixology recipes facilitate cocktail preparation during the weekend.

Focused on the future

The brand is gaining prominence in social media platforms such as Instagram & Facebook with followership of 1.9k and 1k, respectively. The first three months of 2021 have been great with a staggering growth of more than 70% already. The blog has also launched it is you-tube page and a mobile-friendly website as well, which allows you to print and pin (Pinterest) recipes as well. The Website makes sure that recipes displayed under various categories likes, breads, savory, sweets and snacks are presented well.

About his future plans, the Sohail elaborates “Five years down the line, I see myself running the blog succumbing to a much bigger audience with more interesting added content buckets including experienced content like tips, tricks & hacks. I see my blog being more systematic and more automated with better pictures & collaborations.”

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