Insatiable by Sum – Glam up with this 100% vegan and cruelty-free skincare brand.

Insatiable by Sum

“There are no Monday blues that a tint of lip-gloss cannot kiss away.”

Today, lip gloss is an essential item in a woman’s bag. It can either be to hydrate the lips, or give that light tint, or simply the good old scent and sheen. Skincare is increasingly becoming a crucial part of Gen-Z’s daily routine and for some, this process is almost therapeutic. After all, taking care of ourselves should always be one’s priority.

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Insatiable by Sum

Insatiable by Sum is a home creation by Sumreen Sandhu from Bangalore. The brand offers some heavenly scented candles and flavourful lip-care and body-care products at an affordable price. They sell candles, lip-glosses, lip tints, lip scrubs, body scrubs, body lotions and might even surprise you with some aesthetic-looking satin scrunchies and claw clips. As you are reading this, you might ask what is different about Insatiable by Sum and what is available in the market.

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Insatiable by Sum

Insatiable by Sum takes pride in being an Indian brand to provide all-natural, vegan and cruelty-free products to Indian customers. It is notable to mention her star item in all her skincare products is the good old beneficial Vitamin E. Hence, her products promise to moisturize, hydrate and eventually repair your damaged skin. With continuous use, one can ensure to keep their skin healthy in the long run. The candles are just as good as the skincare products, made with non-toxic and natural soy wax, they burn slow and last longer while leaving you mesmerized in their aroma.

A glossy present and shinier future.

Insatiable by Sum

Sumreen noticed from early on that all the cute-looking and appealing skin care items she wished to buy online were highly expensive, imported from abroad and filled with harmful chemicals for human skin. Hence in a quest to own natural, helpful and affordable skincare, Sumreen started ‘Insatiable by Sum’ from her basement workshop. 

So, at the age of 19 Sumreen started her baking business. Everythin Inbetween and then after two years of research and development she launched her second brand in August 2021 – Insatiable By Sum. Having completed over 200 orders in just a month since its inception, Sumreen is looking for a shiny, fruitful future ahead and looking to take this Indian brand global.

To see more of the “Insatiable by Sum” products visit her Instagram profile on @insatiablebysum and @sumreensandhu and start your journey to a vegan, cruelty-free way of life.

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