Paaduks is the idea brought to life by Mr. Amit Jain, Founder Paaduks and this living idea was further expanded by Aparajit Sangotra, Head – Product Design and now Co-founder. 

The first one sought to address the alarming and distressing fact that 1.8 billion used tires are disposed of worldwide each year. The second one was to combat this land pollution with an innovative approach.

Says Amit, ” Our initiative to a very larger extent is to delay the process of toxic landfill. This is why we upcycle the old discarded tyres to control the immediate dump of toxic landfill, some studies suggest that one trailer tyre is capable of releasing 110 Kgs of CO2 emission. We at Paaduks are putting a new life in these old discarded tyres by turning them into stylish, upbeat and comfortable shoes.”

“We are also responsible for providing a regular livelihood and upskilling the cobbler community associated with us, who have been impacted by the fast fashion industry.” Adds Aparajit.

The initiative was the first step to creating and promoting a vegan and sustainable lifestyle and team Paaduks as of now has upcycled more than 10,00,000 kgs of tyres.

Transforming waste into fashionable, guilt free footwear – this is the key to the growing acceptance of Paaduks…

Paaduks is a genuine source of fashionable footwear that has eco-friendly stamped all over it. With a stringent zero chemical policy every pair of the vegan footwear range is handcrafted from ethically sourced base materials. Using cotton, jute, denim, tyres, cork, vegan leather, elastic, foam etc. the skilled team of cobblers at Paaduks create footwear that is being noticed, admired and worn proudly by Gen Z as well as influential individuals. And why not?  With a price range of just INR 1230/- to INR 1930/- it is a small price to pay for a better environment.

Men can choose from Flats, Sandals, Flip-Flop, Sliders. Women can pick from Flats, Sandals, Flip-Flops, Mules, Tie-ups. Ethnic print mules are quite popular too. The range of casual and workplace footwear for women are also something that are different. Contemporary styling, impeccable finishing and elegant colors all make for a fashion statement that is cool in every sense!.

A movement that is the answer to the call of a sustainable lifestyle…

Paaduks is an enterprise which goes further than just the commercial side or the lifestyle statement it seeks to evangelize. With a dedicated team that is deeply conscious and highly aware about environmental hazards the world is facing, it is working towards creating a movement that will draw people in.

With its innovative footwear designs the brand has caught the eyes of many celebrities and even the common people who appreciate what it is doing. The Paaduks movement is growing and with it comes hope of more sustainable lifestyle, which will lighten the burden of land pollution on Mother Earth.

Come join Paaduks in a movement to tread lightly on this earth. Click here and here to choose your footwear and make a fitting contribution to a better tomorrow.

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