House of SAZ- This woman entrepreneur’s brand is encouraging everyone to move towards a sustainable lifestyle by offering handcrafted, vegan fashion and décor.

India has a rich legacy of using natural fibres for functional purposes. The Indian landscape, a vibrant mix of tropical and temperate vegetation, is replete with a variety of natural fibres that can be woven into aesthetic items of display.

The beauty of Natural Fibres lies in the very fact that they possess certain distinctive qualities: they share a common language of colour, texture and tone belonging to the Earth. This unique allegiance to Mother Nature is what makes these fibres so very beautiful.

House of Saz

The beauty of nature can never be replicated in totality, however using resources from nature to create a product adds that purity, durability and sustainability to render environment & ecologically friendly products. Extracting the goodness of nature to create handmade and vegan bags, baskets, coasters, cane trays and many more decors is a startup firm launched in 2022 by Swati Bhasin called “The House of SAZ”. The brand uses all nature-friendly materials such as cane, wheat & corn grass, kauna which are intricately handwoven by artisans from Manipur with embroidery works and other add-ons being customized in Delhi. Their multi-purpose bags are not only elegant & sturdy but spacious and lightweight fitted with strong handles to support easy portability. 

House of Saz

“SAZ” in the brand name stands for “Sara Achal Zara”, that represent initials of the names of her husband and both daughters.

When Conserving Nature Complements Your Dream & Passion

House of Saz

Swati always had the innate passion to be financially independent & productively occupied even post her marriage and kids. Having pursued her B.Tech in Biotechnology and Masters in IPR, she worked as a senior patent analyst for 4 years in an MNC in Gurgaon. Post marriage, she left the job but continued working as a freelancer in the same domain for the next 6 years all through the pregnancy and birth of her first daughter. However, after the birth of her second kid, the necessitated longer hours which made her realize that starting something of her own would give her enough time with family too. So at the age of 33 years, she rolled out her brand with an initial investment of 1 lakhs and now she is a super elated, proud entrepreneur who loves to curate handwoven bags made out of nature’s essentials. All their products are handmade & vegan, cruelty-free and zero-waste products that are biodegradable. They fit seamlessly into your plans, whether that includes exploring the city, heading to work, taking a road trip or hitting the beach, and pair well with almost any outfit in your wardrobe. Their lightweight and sturdy fabric make it easy to pack travel essentials and a lot more.

House of Saz

The brand has already fulfilled multiple orders, some of which were on large scale bulk and they have sold 500-700 pieces in a mere span of 2 months since launch. Her baskets and round cane bags, chapati bags are some of the most sought after & demanded products of all. The brand has amazing hamper baskets which have many takers, especially bakeries to adorn their gifting range. Their Instagram handle has many order queries, client testimonials and the brand is doing fantastically well in this space intending to open retail stores & gain visibility on e-commerce sites a few years down the line.

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