THE BATH BABES – This handmade luxurious bathing brand, is making natural bathing products with a twist.


    11th March 2021 was a life changing decision for Richa Agarwal – Founder THE BATH BABES; an excitingly fresh enterprise focused on transforming the mundane shapes and colours of soaps and bathing accessories, into something more lovable and fun!

    In the year 2019, Richa was about to start her MBA studies in Pune when the pandemic shutdown the world. Troubled and upset at things not working out she used to spend time looking for things to distract her, or to explore opportunities for starting a home-grown business. It was here that the business of making soaps caught her eye. After experimenting, she shared a few products on social media which saw her getting orders. That set things up and today THE BATH BABES is a very popular online store known for its product range, prompt response and timely deliveries.


    “When everyone was busy making Dalgona Coffee I was busy making Coffee Soaps!“ This is how Richa describes her story in a single sentence. 

    It’s all about adding an element of fun and self-love


    THE BATH BABES perhaps, makes the most refreshing range of Handmade Bath and Body Beauty luxuries that include •Premium Artisan Soaps •Butters •Bath Salts •Scrubs •Serums •Face Mists

    The main attraction being its customized soaps with cute shapes and colors like Snowflake Soaps, Mini Dinos Soaps, Lions, Bears and Hippos, Mini mix fruit soaps, customized name bars and more. Soaps for kids are made are made with the goodness of Goatmilk, Glycerine and Vitamin E. Activated Charcoal & Tea Tree Pie Soap and the Wild Turmeric Bar are quite popular too. 

    This sponge loofah in fruit shapes and vibrant colours makes bathing a fun activity for kids! 


    Rose Water, Oil Serum, Coffee Body Scrub are all best sellers. Lavender Bath Salts /Foot Soaks are quite popular too.   

    What is also trending are the Return Gift Hampers, Baby Shower Hampers, Anniversary Hampers, Festive Hampers – all bursting with the freshness and hygiene of natural ingredients and loving care for the body! 

    Looking at soaps beyond what they are merely meant for… 


    The business of making bath times more fun is a challenge Richa truly enjoys. 

    “What makes it so special is the happy reviews that so many of my clients keep sharing. “Lovely.” “So much Fun.” “Kids love it.“ These words keep me going.” Says Richa.


    With more than 5000 orders fulfilled, business is really working up a lather. Richa is now focusing on streamlining operations at THE BATH BABES. The plan moving forward, is to give emphasis to creating customized orders from large corporates. Creating unique, eye catching and fun gifts for every client in the bathing category is also what is taking priority. 

    The bathing experience is no longer what it used to be and THE BATH BABES wants to not just to be a part of this, but wants to be the brand that changed the way soaps and bathing accessories are looked at!

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