EDUSPARK TOYS – A professional child psychologist turned mompreneur launched her own toy brand that is engaging and stimulating for kids.

Think of toys and what comes to mind are things that are cute, colourful and fun. We also associate them with memories of a happy childhood. What we have mostly experienced however, are perhaps toys that are made up of cheap plastic or rubber.

But for Sana, a 32 years old child psychologist with 2 children, the search for good quality toys for her children took her down a different road altogether.

“As a mother and a professional child psychologist I could understand that the amount of electronic or screen time exposure for very young children, was actually doing no good. I started to look for toys that were more engaging and stimulating. But surprisingly I wasn’t able to find good quality toys in India,” shares Sana.


This prompted Sana to start thinking about creating her own line of toys. At the age of 28 she founded EDUSPARK TOYS. Today with its own production, as well as strategic marketing tie ups with multiple manufacturers, EDUSPARK TOYS has built a wonderful portfolio of wooden toys for kids. SPARK THE BRAIN as the tagline says is what the toys do.

Going beyond batteries – Changing the way toys for kids are perceived and created


Toys are meant to be fun, but EDUSPARK TOYS going one step further has also added that element of learning and growth to the toys it markets.

EDUSPARK TOYS ensures that children can get toys that are appropriate for their age, because children’s toys are not just about keeping kids busy, but also about developing their creative potential. From 12 months onwards and up to 5 years and above, there are toys that will EDUCATE and SPARK a child’s playful and creative side!

A child’s imagination does not need batteries to run and the EDUSPARK Wooden Toys inspire creative play through simple and organic design. Each toy is made of natural material and colored with water based colours to keep it toxic free. The toys also meet strict international safety and quality standards.

Interesting stacking and reading puzzles. Life like Pretend Play kits like Vegetable Cutting, Ice Cream Cart, Kitchen Set, Doctor Set and more. Superb Open ended game sets like Rainbow Learning Board, Peg Dolls, Rainbow Stacker, Sensory Blocks, Magnetic Tiles Building Board and other exciting games. Exciting costumes and kid’s furniture are also available.

EDUSPARK TOYS: Creating a playtime revolution that is fun and also educational


At EDUSPARK TOYS the mission is to transform PLAYTIME into an empowered period of engagement with toys that will bring a lot of opportunities for brain stimulation, growth and development in every child.

Having processed and fulfilled over 5000 orders for customers, there is a lot of growth opportunities that still exist, because of the growing awareness amongst parents about wooden toys. The plan is to create more innovation and manufacture toys and perhaps even strive to create a plastic toy free environment in the near future.
Do visit the website to know more about what is available.

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