DIVINEARTT_BYSHWETATANEJA – This woman decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge by following her love for art

Giving up the security of a well settled teaching profession and then learning a form of art to create a brand new professional enterprise is a challenge everyone will not willingly accept. But perhaps it was the artist that resided in Shweta Taneja – a post graduate in fine arts from GNDU, Amritsar, that coaxed her to discover a new found passion for Resin Art during the lockdown and DIVINEARTT_BYSHWETATANEJA was born. Shweta lives and runs her business from Bangalore.

“Having dabbled in oils, watercolors and pastels earlier, for me Resin Art was an experiment that was a catalyst to challenge my artistic talent and start to commercially sell my art too. Something that I had never done before,” says Shweta.


Having learnt a few things initially by watching videos online Shweta also enrolled for advanced Resin Art classes to upgrade her skills. Resin Art being a mixture of the technical and the chemical medium, she imbibed all the best practices and was soon creating pieces that got a lot of appreciation, motivating her to explore the niche all the more extensively.

Today with continuous practice, consistently creating new pieces, striving for customer conversion and retention, sourcing for the best raw materials and also juggling with marketing on social media – Shweta has made DIVINEARTT_BYSHWETATANEJA into a destination that is home to a variety of exciting Resin Art creations, guaranteed to light up any space.

Hand crafted with patience, love and imagination… the result is always magical…


Everything at DIVINEARTT_BYSHWETATANEJA is handcrafted with infinite patience, dollops of imagination and heaps of love resulting in truly amazing art. The art pieces are functional and the home décor products are vibrant and expressive.

Catering to corporate orders, bulk orders and even single customized pieces based on the interiors as well as client preferences, the portfolio offers a plethora of art that makes choosing really difficult. You may want it all!

You can pick from an exquisite collection of floral art, table clocks, wall clocks, resin tables, nesting tables, serving platters coasters, napkin rings tea light holders, name plates, floral preservation, resin bookmarks, wall art like geode art, ocean art and much more.

Creating art that will be appreciated by all and displayed at personal and commercial spaces too…


A portfolio of creations that are a collection of many beautiful pieces of imaginative art, is bound to be noticed and appreciated by all. And this is exactly what Shweta has achieved in a short span of time. She has built up a client list of both home owners and corporates who have picked up her creations to prominently displayed at their individual spaces. The festive season is where Shweta sees an uptick in sales, as gifting DIVINEARTT creations brings delight to both the giver and the receiver of the gift.

Says Shweta, “I am looking to enter into more collaborations with major corporates to help my brand grow. My beautiful insta family has been very supportive of my business, with their support I intend to reach clients from all over the world and offer them the best quality handcrafted art.”

Click here https://www.instagram.com/divineartt_byshwetataneja/ to discover really exquisite art that will really brighten up every and any space.                                     

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