Discover ITHIKA STUDIO: Kolkata’s Eco-Chic Fashion Sensation

Remaining faithful to the legacy of a long-standing family business and infusing it with a world-class, contemporary, and eco-conscious essence is a pursuit that only a dedicated entrepreneur can undertake. Siddhant Saraf, the visionary founder of ITHIKA STUDIO, exemplifies this passion. What nudged Siddhant toward this business model was his firsthand observation of the ceaseless cycle of fast fashion brands and the consequential environmental strain—a disheartening sight of landfills overflowing with cast-off fashion items. These were stark reminders of the disposable culture perpetuated by the fast fashion industry giants.

Guided by a deep sense of shared responsibility for planet Earth, Siddhant founded ITHIKA STUDIO – a label that fuses style with a strong sense of responsibility, creating a fashion brand with a unique purpose. Named after the Greek word for ‘Ethical’ ITHIKA is now a highly sought-after sustainable fashion brand based in Kolkata.

Our clothing endorses sustainability, using organic cotton, hemp, and linen with minimal chemical impact. We work closely with small-scale artisans, ensuring fair wages, transparency, and traceability, directly supporting 10-15 artisans and workers, and improving their livelihoods.” Shared Siddhant.

Embrace Eco-Chic: Cool Fashion Crafted from Organic Fabrics and Natural Dyes

ITHIKA STUDIO is rooted in the philosophy of minimalism and the allure of relaxed silhouettes. It fashions exquisite statements created from Kala Organic Cotton, a fiber nurtured through ethical cultivation, offering a soft, chemical-free embrace. Handcrafted with love by a retinue of talented weavers, ITHIKA ensembles are naturally dyed with Azo-free colorants.

Exuding timeless design, graceful contours, and a captivating finish, the ITHIKA STUDIO fashion portfolio is a symphony of sheer elegance and an embodiment of unparalleled distinction.

 Each category offers a distinct style, ensuring you find the perfect fit for every occasion. Whether you’re seeking a coordinated look, an airy dress, a fun jumpsuit, a stylish top, easygoing bottoms, or an intelligent overlay, the collection caters to your diverse fashion needs. Indulge in an exquisite shopping experience as you uncover dynamic fashion interpretations. From elegant monochrome dresses to weightless shirts, flowing kaftans, boho-inspired shirts, chic anti-fit blazer sets, contemporary drop-crotch jumpsuits, and the perennial favorite, the Little Black Dress. This curated collection spans a spectrum of colors and boasts a variety of neck and sleeve styles, making it an irresistible addition to any discerning wardrobe.

For us, fashion isn’t just about looking good; it’s about feeling good in our attire and in the positive impact we make on the world around us.” Asserts Siddhant.

A steady growth trajectory nurtured on the twin strengths of fashion excellence plus conscious sustainability

ITHIKA STUDIO is unwavering in its dedication to the art of crafting minimalistic styles and laid-back silhouettes in each and every garment emerging from its creative workspace. While this may sound effortlessly achieved, it continually propels the team to push the boundaries of innovation, ensuring that their designs remain perpetually fresh, contemporary, and uniquely distinct.

The brand has efficiently processed and delivered roughly 500 to 600 orders to date, experiencing steady month-on-month expansion in its customer base. Meticulous attention is paid to customer reviews, with a commitment to continuous improvement. Furthermore, strategic collaborations with notable sustainable brands are underway to spread the brand’s message to a broader audience.


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