Coral Dust: This 100% Organic Skincare Brand Helps You Love the Skin You’re In

Coral Dust

Take a minute to think about your skin as if it were your stomach. Imagine eating a diet full of processed foods containing preservatives, stabilizers, artificial sweeteners, and filler ingredients like high fructose corn syrup. Not only would you miss out on all the nutrients and antioxidants needed to maintain optimal health, but you would damage your stomach by killing the positive bacteria that helps to absorb nutrients when you do decide to eat a vegetable.

“It’s the same thing on the skin,” says start up founder Nithila. “If you’re using conventional beauty products with a ton of preservatives, fragrances, and stabilizers, you’re going to damage the skin’s makeup which will impair your skin function and have the worst impact for skin quality and appearance.”

When Necessity Meets Passion

Based in Chennai, Nithila started her business out of a maternal need to give her child the best products possible. “When my daughter was born, I realized the importance of natural organic skin products. Before using any product on her, I kept wondering if it will be safe for her delicate skin or will it cause any unwanted reaction. A baby’s skin is very sensitive and many chemicals that are present in store bought lotions will adversely affect the babies overall health. So I thought of creating my own blend of 100% organic and preservative free creams that will suit my child’s delicate skin perfectly,” says the founder. So at the age of 32 on 15th August, Coral Dust was born.

Coral Dust is a one stop shop for all skincare and haircare needs. Being very gentle and effective in treating all types of skin, most of the product contain herbal products like aloe vera that is perfect for the humid Indian weather. Each product is curated in a way that it suits a wide range of age groups and most skin types. The products do not cause any harmful side effects to your body and can be used liberally without fear.

Their signature product is the aloe-based moisturizer. A very light weight moisturizer that gets easily absorbed in the skin, is non-sticky and is extremely hydrating and refreshing.

Organic and Sustainable

“Before creating any products I conducted extensive research and every ingredient used so that I could give the most effective solution to any skincare concern. After I saw the spectacular results on my own daughter, I wanted to share this product with my extended family. Initially I did not charge them for the products but when I realized that they were fetching good results for almost everybody, I knew I had a great product that could generate a successful business. So I decided to start my own venture and began manufacturing on a commercial scale,” explains Nithila.

Coral Dust, at its core, is a brand that aims to provide a safe alternative to store bought creams and lotions that give sustainable, long term benefits. It does not claim to conceal spots or brighten skin like makeup, rather it solves the problem at its root and enhances each woman’s natural beauty. The brand is based in Chennai and markets its products through popups in various locations and also distributes free samples for clients to try them out before purchasing full sized products.  Since its inception, Coral Dust has served over 500 customers.

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