Comfortable, Chic, and Affordable: ‘Tie The Bun’ Unravels Fashionable Comfort

Style is Being Comfortable In Whatever Clothes You Don

Fashion is not the same as it was two years ago. People adopted masks, eschewed workwear in favour of loungewear, and abandoned suits & ties. COVID-19 has transformed many women’s wardrobes, often for the better – meaning more comfortable and also experimental.

Just like most things, the pandemic majorly affected the shopping behaviour of customers. When it comes to clothes, the focus has moved to relaxed, edgy and comfortable clothing. The shoppers scout for outfits that are stylish, comfortable and fluid.

Women are more particular about the quality of what they buy rather than its cost, opting to spend more money for things that will last longer – out of a desire to be both economical and sustainable.

Meet The Apparel Brand That Puts Comfort First

“Tie The Bun” is a fashion outfit brand that cumulates together the essential aspects of style, comfort, and affordability & above all celebrates individuality through curating classy designs that can be worn throughout the daily routine. Sharing grounds with several young businesses, “Tie The Bun”, too, saw its origin during the Covid lockdown. The brand that got floated in the online space in January 2020 is run & managed by Cindrella Renji & her husband. It is an online store based out of Thrissur district, Kerala and offers stunning comfy outfits in pure breathable fabrics that are either pure cotton or pure rayon.

Their collection is enormous and most suited for women’s daily regimen. From lounge dresses to Kaftans, Night-suits and co-ord sets, wrap dresses that can be used in multiple ways, crop top sets and A-line dresses, their entire clothing range is made of light wear textured sustainable fabrics that are adorned in beautiful ikkat or ajrak prints. The addition of frills to the traditional, western wrap dress showcases Cindrella’s personal touch, appealing to Indian buyers.

Talking about her business and the idea behind the brand name, Cindrella mentions, “When I come back home after a long day of work, the first thing I do is put my hair up in a bun. Untying my hair and putting it in a bun makes me feel relaxed and at ease. It gives a kind of a heavenly experience. I intend to provide such an experience through my line of clothing. And that was what prompted me to weave the name of my small business “Tie The Bun.”

The Inspirational Journey

Cindrella not only co-manages her silver jewellery business along with her mother and sister but also single-handedly manages her apparel business right from sourcing fabrics to coordinating and pattern designing. She started her business with 20k and a few co-ord sets that didn’t go quite well as per customers’ preferences initially. The small business did have its share of hiatuses upon setting shop. However, it was Cindrella’s sheer interest and curiosity in the field of the clothing industry that breathed life into her small business. After opening her store in May, she resorted to a 4-month break to study and analyze more about the industry. “Had I let myself down at that point, then Tie The Bun would not have survived. Instead, I pushed myself and studied more about the industry. I spoke with as many people as I could to understand their interests, the kind of styles they liked to comprehend exactly what they needed,” shares Cindrella.

Leaving Remarkable Footprints In Customers’ Minds

With the launch of Kaftan, “Tie The Bun” saw its rise to fame. The small business slowly began to open the door for Cindrella to represent the brand at several exhibitions. A recent feat also includes a feature of their Kaftan collection in the summer edition of Vanitha magazine. Now the brand has become a known name across many celebrities’ houses in Kerala. Their influencer marketing video on Instagram showcasing wrap dresses that can be interchangeably used to amp up one’s look, garnered many appreciators. The brand envisions to provide the utmost comfort wear to their customers with high quality fabrics at pocket friendly prices  that can be used both indoor and outdoor. Shop online : call or WhatsApp : +919995722273.

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