Building a Foundation for Success: Raga Architectural Designer’s Creative Approach to Architecture and Interior Design

Architecture and Interior design play a crucial role in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces; The spaces that inspire people to express their personality, encourage social interactions and blend in with the surrounding. It is hence not only an important but also a sensitive aspect to curate and develop meaningful spaces in our society. 

Raga Architectural Designers is leveraging its creativity and customer centricity to deliver such impactful projects and create a mark. Founded by the talented duo Gauravi Bafna and Radhika Babar, the firm strives to create a unique identity. In this article, we will explore the approach and vision of Raga, and how it is poised to make a significant impact in the world of Architecture and Interior Design.

Raising the Bar in Design: Raga’s Unique Approach

Raga Architectural Designers was established in January, 2021, offering a comprehensive solution in Architecture, Interior Design and Landscaping. The firm has executed a varied spectrum of projects- Apartment interiors, bungalow architecture and interiors accompanied with landscaping, hospitality and commercial projects and aims to ace in other different types of projects as well. They try to understand the client’s dream/vision and execute it in reality whilst keeping creativity and functionality as the most important aspect.  Keeping sustainability at its core, the company prides itself on working with local artisans to source different and exquisite decor materials, ensuring that their projects are not only environment friendly but also aesthetically pleasing. Raga’s flexibility to work with tight budgets without compromising on customer satisfaction and delivering projects within the agreed timeframe has earned the company the trust of its clients and has made it a preferred choice for those seeking quality design solutions.

Constructing a Bright Future: Raga’s Vision

Gauravi and Radhika, both with a background in architecture, started Raga at a young age. The duo’s passion and enthusiasm for design and commitment for excellence is evident in their work.  Starting from Pune city, they have already expanded to Bangalore city and aim to go pan India in the next 5 years, and establish Raga as a leading architectural design brand 

In a world where environmental consciousness is of the utmost importance, Raga’s sustainable approach, minimalistic yet bold design solution is a welcome change, and it is sure to attract more clients who are looking for sustainable and unique design solutions.

Putting the Pieces Together: Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, Raga Architectural Designer’s is a startup to watch, with its holistic approach and ambitious and young founders having delivered 20+successful projects and 10+ ongoing within 2 years, Gauravi and Radhika’s vision of establishing Raga as a leading architectural design brand in India is well on its way. We can’t wait to see what Raga builds next and how it continues to raise the bar in the world of architecture and interior design.

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