ARTENDERFOOT: The Cottage Core Artistic Journey of Vaishali Sahu

Art is like flowing water. It can adapt to anything that the artist imagines. A stream of art expression called cottage core artwork emphasizes on simplicity, coziness and warmth in everything that is created. 

There are very few exponents of this style of art in India and one of them is Vaishali Sahu – the founder of ARTENDERFOOT – a complete art centric enterprise that is making waves with its truly eclectic collection, showcasing a fascinating range of art interpretations.

“As an artist I have always strived to create my own signature style.  I started in a small way creating spiritual artworks and this has now gracefully and seamlessly evolved into the cottage core artwork where I am now creating art that is very personal and full of warmth.” Shares Vaishali. 

Starting out in the year 2020, ARTENDERFOOT is today an enterprise with big dreams. Vaishali candidly admits that art was a therapy, an outlet for her to deal with depression in her life during college. 

Starting out from a small 2ft by 3ft space in her small home, to selling her beautiful artwork to clients across the globe, Vaishali and her enterprise ARTENDERFOOT are charting quite a journey! Today ARTENDERFOOT is one of the top gifting shops on Etsy.

Creating art that has the power to connect people, evoke emotions and inspire young women 

ARTENDERFOOT is an art and stationery design focused brand. Being an artist herself, Vaishali creates her own art driven merchandise made up of a wide range of art expressions. Today when you visit the art portal you will discover art that has been converted into keepsakes like original art, gouache painting, art prints, postcards, greeting cards, journal stickers, notebooks, bookmarks wall art etc. 

The themed postcards are quite popular. Self-Love Affirmation Cards with Guidance Activity Booklets are truly special bestsellers. Stickers are snapped up in a jiffy. There is even a 1014 pieces puzzle up for sale! Fashion is the next big step forward and ARTENDERFOOT is starting with scrunchies as the first product.

Vaishali also added, “As a young girl starting out on her own, I did not know the opportunities that existed. I want my enterprise and my art to be an inspiration to young women out there to go and live their dreams.” 

Being in the moment is the essence of creating beautiful art

“I am more of a person who believes in living and being in the moment. It helps me to create things that are tangible, expressive and full of wonderful sentiments.” Shares Vaishali.

This work approach has resulted in a visible upsurge in the variety of products that are coming out. Notably, 40% orders are placed by repeat buyers. 

Out of many big orders, the biggest has been- 6 Self Love Affirmation Cards Decks from Australia for $190. The business operates both in the offline as well as online mode and continues to receive rave reviews from customers.

The plan is to now make space to add a lot more of creative knick-knacks to the portfolio and give every customer the choice to pick something off the shelf or even customize as per their budget and the occasion. 

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