A Mompreneur who is walking the talk with fabulous, quirky and customized hand painted shoes

For an artist anything and everything can become a canvas. A truth so artistically reflected in the venture FIND YOUR ESCAPE. A passion project by momprenuer Sonali Verma, it is a space for art centric gifting items, now focused on something more challenging and personal – hand painted canvas shoes. 

The idea came to Sonali, who holds a design degree plus a masters in fashion from NIFT, when she first created hand painted baby shark shoes for a little kid. That first little step was enough to get her rave reviews and one order after another followed. 

“We use really good quality, lace up canvas shoes, with non-fade & water-resistant colors and ensure all tiny details are kept in mind.” Shares Sonali.

Kids’ shoes with personalized themes and that too with their individual names hand painted so creatively onto them soon became the main product. Popular themes from movies like Frozen, Lloyd of Lego fame, Cute wildlife Jungle Book paintings, Classic Tom and Jerry characters, Noddy, Minion shoes, Avengers theme shoes, Loconut fan theme shoes, Cocomelon, Paw Patrol, Batman, Pepa Pig and a whole lot of other kids favorites found expression on hand painted canvas shoes.

One customer even shared that not just kid’s even adults are interested with hand painted customized shoes. Soon adults started sending in orders for personalized shoes. Sonali creates not just the cute ones, she even created one really funky black canvas pair with silver studs all over the shoes. Another one that was a big hit was a white pair of canvas shoes studded with pearls! 

All this has got the brand much needed attention and today it is the go-to space for customized footwear that are show stealers! 

When passion transforms into a business, success happens

“Work doesn’t feel like work when you are passionate about it and love everything you do.” This is Sonali’s mantra at Find your Escape. 

After completing her Masters, Sonali spent time working with a leading online brand, she also worked at the physical stores of premium brands like Truffle Collection India and Da Milano Leathers Pvt. Ltd. where she learnt the ropes of running a business and managing a brand. But somewhere at the back of her mind she always wanted to own her own brand and when the opportunity to create a pair of customised shoes she felt that she had finally found her calling as an artist and a professional business woman. 

Today, Find your Escape is committed to creating the best art on shoes for all age groups and Sonali continues to wow her customers with her wonderful interpretations.

Footprints Of Growth

Customized hand painted shoes is a very personalized and time-consuming enterprise model. Despite that, Sonali in a short span of time has fulfilled more than 100 orders. “I want to create a special niche for hand painted shoes. I want customers to realize that even these types of shoes can be an expression of individuality and part of their unique personality,” says Sonali.

Click here https://www.instagram.com/find.ur.escape/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y%3D to discover their collection.

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