ANVITA JAIN LABEL – A childhood dream tailored into an upcoming fashion label.

Dreams if pursued with a passion, have that power to manifest into reality. The story behind one of the trendiest fashion label for women doing the rounds today is quite similar to this. Anvita Jain from a very young age was fascinated with fabric, textures, cuts, patterns and stitches. She had her mind set on nurturing a fashion house.

Born and brought up in Indore, after graduation Anvita came to Mumbai where she pursued her management studies and did a fashion diploma course too. Then she travelled to the fashion capital of the world Milan, where she further did an intensive fashion design course. Her skills now honed with knowledge, exposure and practice she came back to India and worked for brand Masaba.


In 2017 she came back to Indore and at the age of 24, the dream from tentative sketches, mood boards, fabric experiments, clothing patterns etc. took form – the label ANVITA JAIN was finally ready to be showcased to the world.

Having a conversation, anticipating trends and creating tantalizing fashion fusion, these are what makes the brand so sought after…

ANVITA JAIN LABEL is purely into creating a whole line of exciting fusion wear and western wear for women who want to make their own fashion statement. “We are also extensively into creating bespoke fashion, where we sit with a client and understand the occasion, the theme, personal choices, fabric preferences and more. This delivers something truly individual for every one,” says Anvita.

Leheria Sets with a traditional touch in contemporary silhouettes, embellished with delicate embroidery and also made that much more eye catching with dramatic swirls and twirls, are the raison d’etre of the label. You just cannot take your hands and eyes of them!


Walk into the flagship store and your senses will delight in the array of exclusive women’s designer wear. All crafted by the minds and hands of those, who have a constant dialogue with fashion and trends from within the country, as well as international fashion happenings.

Bridal Wear. Evening Wear. Full Length Gowns. Shararas. Drape Skirts. Cowled Dhoti Pants. Tunics. Zardosi Blouses. Tussar Silk Skirt. Kaftans. These are all available too, at a price that is equally a delight as wearing fashion from the label is!

“Walk in.” Anvita says, “We speak the language of your fashion.”

Growing with Design and delivering Customer Satisfaction with Fashion Innovation …

Fashion as a business demands creativity and customization to suit a customers’ taste. Anvita and her compact, yet high performance team of designers and masters, have been doing this consistently much to the delight of the customers.


“With one physical store in Indore as the first milestone, I am now focused on increasing the production capacity, create exclusive fashion lines and expanding the brand footprint in the online retail space,” shares Anvita.

With an order book that sees a healthy count of confirmations every month, Anvita also is aiming to be seen on the shelves of multi designer, large format retail stores in the near future.  

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