Amalfiee – Where Indian artisans handcraft elegant ceramic pieces, gracefully derived from earth, to bring the best of tableware to your homes.


Amalfiee Ceramics is an inspirational tale of its founder Praneeti Guha, discovering two new facets about her own personality. One is the Artist and the other is the Entrepreneur within herself. Quitting a high profile corporate career in HR, she launched this venture in 2018 as a mark of taking forward the legacy of her father-in-law Amal Guha, who was responsible for her introduction to ceramic art.

She also travelled across the country to spend time with pottery artisans to acquire firsthand knowledge of their work and also a deeper understanding of their business challenges.

Says Praneeti, “Amalfiee was created as a genuine platform to provide artisans with easy access to modern technology, essential resources and most importantly a direct connect with markets and customers”.


Participating in more than 200 exhibitions at star hotels and even at popular malls to showcase its range, Amalfiee slowly yet steadily, gained recognition and bagged orders from prestigious clients like Taj Group of Hotels and other star properties.

Following its tagline “Moulding Earth into Art” in spirit and in deed, Amalfiee is investing its creative energies into creating a growing network of artisans and expanding its portfolio of exquisite crockery and gifting products.  The intention being to compete with the best across the globe in the category, by providing genuinely fascinating and completely handmade products, that can easily find a place in everyone’s home

The Focus is Artist, Art and the Customer


Every creation at Amalfiee, is a silent yet evocative salute to the skilled artisans who really put their heart and soul into every single piece. As a business, Amalfiee started with a focus on Terracotta. Today it has evolved to include creations in glazed stone ceramics too.

Completely ecofriendly and handmade, not the slightest quantity of lead or bone ash is used in the ceramic products. Everything including the colour, is completely natural and handmade. The only time a machine is used is for baking.  

The Amalfiee range offers innovative and luxurious Artware, Dinnerware, Drinkware, Serveware and Barware in terracotta and stone ceramics. The unique shapes, gorgeous color combinations and the superb finishing is what keeps binging back customers. Complete customization according to customer demands is also possible. Platters is also a category where Amalfiee is very popular.

Amalfiee has serviced more than 10k customers across India. In such a short span of time, they are already associated with more than 50 retail chains.

Amalfiee – Crafting the future


The 5 year plan is to cross a figure of 150 outlets in the coming five years by ramping up the E-commerce platform. They have also planned to launch retail outlets in Bangalore and start a Franchise model. Another important plan is to have their own galleries in important metros across India. The idea being to give local art and artisans more exposure to markets, plus encouraging clients to invest in art that is local.

Says Praneeti Guha.  “The long term vision of Amalfiee is to preserve the beautiful heritage of Handmade Indian Pottery and to showcase the fabulous design and craft of Indian pottery to a global audience and create vibrant new markets for talented Indian artisans“.

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