Whakato- Decoding the concept of nature-friendly fashion with decomposable, organic, and recyclable practices.

The textile industry is the second largest consumer and polluter of water. Fast fashion brands emphasize creating trendy garments quickly, cheaper, and in large quantities to meet popular demand. The fast fashion brands industry is a major contributor to global air and water pollution, atrocious wastage, and animal and human exploitation – and that’s just the tip of the unethical iceberg. The biggest challenge is not the naturally friendly fibers or the science behind them, but the mental block and stigma around using plant-based alternatives and convincing people that there are zero compromises on quality & aesthetic appeal. 

It is now the need of the hour that all fashionistas join the bandwagon of the slow fashion movement. It necessitates contemplation and deep analysis before buying clothes as to where they come from and how they are created. It is a new eco-friendly approach to fashion that focuses on sustainability, recycling, or acquiring second-hand clothes and encourages the idea of buying better quality garments that will last longer, making sure that their manufacturing processes have been fair and ethical to people, animals, and the environment in general.

Meet The Ecocentric Fashion Brand Offering Earth Conscious Choices

Whakato, the brainchild of Himanshi & Mahima is an ethical, luxury fashion brand based out of Dharamshala. Himanshi & Mahima, graduated in fashion design from NIFT. After undertaking jobs in different companies, they realized that they carried the same passion for designing & presenting fashion clothing in an eco-friendly approach.

Whakato” as the name suggests stands for plantation and cultivation, fertility & environment-friendliness. The brand extracts fibers from unusual plants and makes clothes with minimum impact on nature. Their current collection is made from fiber extracted from the lotus stems which are then handwoven in Kullu and manufactured in Dharmashala. 

All their clothes are made in India from decomposable, organic, and recycled materials. From buttons crafted from the shells of coconut to the packaging made from waste and tattered pieces of denim, they work keenly to ensure that every step of the journey is as thoughtful and sustainable as possible. Their designs are are versatile and timeless, suitable for repeated use, and cater to all genders and sizes.

Being Ethical & Transparent Is The Brand’s Core

The brand is transparent and discloses how each of its pieces takes shape into a final cloth. They follow a set design at each step to minimize environmental impact and help create positive change in the fashion industry. Right from the inception phase they advocate designing clothes that would be biodegraded or could be recycled at the end of their life. Their supply partners also share their ethos and values and keep researching to innovate raw materials to use.

The Roadmap & Vision Ahead

Whakato is value driven fashion business demonstrating how fashion should be part of an economy. Their mission is to develop deeply considered products within planetary boundaries that also uplift and respect each person in the supply chain and create a simple accessible and positive solution for all customers across products education and ideas. They strongly advocate for change and collaborations across industries to turn ideas into action via a shared system. They want to continue & improvise their research for every natural fiber and bring more natural fiber and dyes to the market in the coming years.

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