WeMixx – Experience “Woh Ghar Wali Feeling” abroad, with ready to mix spices, breakfast blends and mid meal snacks that will add a rich soulful Indian taste to your meals.


When Priya Singhal enrolled at NYU in 2012, she was all by herself for the very first time. A distant land and different food meant those homemade food cravings hit really hard.

Walking through long food aisles hunting for Indian food options, plus balancing a tight budget, became a mind numbing task. What Priya also realized was, in spite of picking up expensive food products to add to her cooking, the flavors somehow did not pop! This triggered Priya and it was here her grandmother’s lessons came handy!   

Priya dry roasted and blended 20+ whole spices including cashews, to create an easy all-purpose spice mix. The Master Spice Blend had arrived! A mix that took food flavors to a whole new level and has earned rave reviews on Amazon.

When friends from India and even from different countries start loving your MIXX… you make a lip-smacking business out of it!! 

Priya used to make and store food mixes like oat blend, chilla mix etc. to save time and money. Friends and colleagues would casually drop in and comment how quickly they could be made and how delicious the food was. This stirred the entrepreneur bug in Priya And she paused everything, quit her job and launched WeMixx -Homemade is Soulmade in August 2020.

Knowing how complex cooking Indian food could be for people, due to the vast array of spices used, WeMixx hit upon offering CONVENIENCE and FLAVOUR as its selling points.

Today, it is one of the leading niche sellers of ethically sourced, zero preservatives, ready to eat low calories homemade mixes, with all the authentic masalas and flavors. Raw materials are directly sourced from farm partners in India to ensure purity of ingredients and as a way to create more credible trade opportunities for the agricultural community back home.

Its Master Spice blend adds that special dhaba taste to signature dishes such as Chana Masala, Matar Paneer, Tofu Korma and Paneer Tikka. Along with Dosa Batters, Chila Batters there are 6 other mixes too. There’s even a Date N’ Oats Ladoo and Sindh Bharwa Spice Mix. Food ideal for times like Breakfast, Meal Times and even Mid Meal Snack Time.

“I am on a mission to challenge stereotypes and expand the mainstream food aisles to be more inclusive of Indian products beyond the garam masalas and chicken tikkas” says Priya.

Customers happily share that WeMixx products make the cooking experience hassle-free and aromatic.

All they got to do is add water or buttermilk to the mix and you have a quick convenient and tasty fix.

The growth mantra – Mixing smart strategy with exciting product offerings

“The WeMixx growth thrust has been to smartly target and satiate the home like food cravings of the Indian diaspora residing abroad and this has served it extremely well. After the USA and India, it is a natural progression to set our sights on expanding our operations to Canada and the UK,” says Priya

The brand is consistently creating new blends and is also keen on expanding farm partnerships in India.

The long-term objective is to make the entire product line organic.

The future does hold an enticing MIXX of challenges and growth…. things are definitely stirring!

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Website – https://www.wemixxstore.com/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/wemixxco/?hl=en

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