Translating the beautiful Japanese art of Shibori into contemporary fashion wear for the woman of today.

Fashion needs elements of beauty, innovation and creative freedom to really break that visual clutter on the shelves or in a virtual store.

This is what Ashima, a software engineer by profession and a fashion designer driven by passion realized during her quest for an individual niche for launching her fashion brand. Ashima discerned that tie and dye as a fashion expression was restricted mostly to streetwear. Exploring further, she realized that there was a huge untapped market, where tie and dye could be used to create indo-western outfits. 

This was truly a “eureka moment” and she along with her brother started DORABI. Adapting the Japanese tie and dye technique of Shirobi, they experimented and came up with a defining collection of bold, unique and exciting, contemporary wear for women. 

“Today DORABI in a short span of time, is now one of India’s much admired and the only tie-dye brand in India offering a vivid fusion of indo western wear. We are also inclined towards bringing a sustainable change in the fashion industry.” Shares an ecstatic Ashima.

Tie and Dye goes the contemporary fashion way to create a range of irresistible, flaunt worthy bestsellers…

There is always committed labor behind creating beautiful art and the tie and dye process is no different. It involves manipulating the fabric by physically binding, folding, twisting, clamping or knotting the fabric before it is dipped into the vat of dye. And then with bated breath everyone waits for the magic to unfold. 

“The most beautiful or should we say joyous part of this process, is the element of surprise that a design can bring, since there is no way anyone can predict how the dye will transfer to the fabric,” shares Ashima.

No wonder every piece of fashion wear that emerges from DORABI is an eclectic mix of colours, patterns, and hues bleeding seamlessly into each other. CO-ORD Sets, Longline Dresses, Straight Fit Kurtas, Jumpsuits, Boho Dresses, A Line Dresses and more, all available in a dazzling splash or a cool spray of colours to match your mood or the occasion.

To sum up – DORABI creates 100% cotton, handcrafted sustainable clothing in breathable fabrics that are wearable from AM to PM with no bleeding or fading and available in plus sizes too. With its focus on tie and dye, DORABI is uplifting this art in the Indian market.

Experimenting and innovating by bringing Tie and Dye fashion to different garments is the excitement that lies ahead…

Tie and Dye as such is always about experimenting and at DORABI it is an evolving journey that continues to throw up fabulously fashionable surprises.

Says Ashima, “I would like to experiment with different silhouettes and different types of fabrics. My next collection would be a collection of tie n dye sarees. I wish to continue exploring the immense possibilities the process offers.” 

The brand as such will always stay true to its core essence that is tie and dye. It also will continue to be sustainable and customer friendly too. With its pan India reach now consolidated, DORABI is gearing up to entice customers from across the globe.

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