The Premia Academy – Here’s a school that raises children to love the process of learning while living purposeful lives with integrity and empathy

Education is a lifelong endeavor, one that continues to guide us long after we’ve passed out of school. However, what we learn in school lays the foundation for what we become in the future. The role of school during those tender, impressionable years of a child’s life is so significant and impactful that you cannot just enrol your kid without doing extensive research.

The Premia Academy

Launched in January 2020, The Premia Academy is one of those reliable institutions that recognize the uniqueness of each child in terms of interests, behavior, attitude, and learning capacity and creates an atmosphere of learning that engages the curious mind of every child.

Glimpse into the institute’s vision and mission

As one of the few institutes in Hyderabad that offers a CBSE, Cambridge and IB integrated curriculum, Premia Academy brings to you the best of international and national curricula while ensuring a holistic approach to learning is followed. The school believes the best possible life comes from a sense of balance and holistic living. That’s its core motivation, thought, intent and vision.

The world needs a progressive mindset, compassionate heart and an attitude that exudes peace. The school aims to make young learners embark on a journey filled with creativity and innovation, a sense of belonging, gratitude & feeling of responsibility for self & society. Building the nation and healing the world one child at a time is its primary mission.

Team behind the vision

Premia Academy has been set up by a group of dedicated individuals who embody values such as integrity and ingenuity, energy and efficiency, compassion and competence, tolerance and tenacity. Moreover, they carry a deep love for children, learning and life.

The founding team includes Ms Sinduri Reddy (Founder, Managing Director), Mr Nallary Pradeep Reddy (Founder) who’s recognized as one of the pioneers of the IT revolution in India, Mr Varun Reddy (Co-founder, CEO), Mr Subramanayam Kantheti (Co-founder, COO) and Ms Arti Mandhania (Co-founder, Business Head).

The Premia Academy

These zealous, diverse groups of individuals with varied experiences and a common vision are determined to provide the best schooling experience with a strong foundation in this ever-changing world.

Highlights of an incredible journey 

The journey so far has been quite a rollercoaster ride, considering its inception was in the year of the pandemic. Six months before school opened, the teachers had to undergo rigorous training to learn and adapt to the online mode of teaching. What started with 25 children in the year 2020 soon grew to 300+ in 2021 and is inching towards 600 in 2022! The academy has collaborated with various experts, each consistently adding value to the curriculum be it design thinking, financial literacy, entrepreneurship or sustainable living.

As one of the founders pointed out “We had our first investiture ceremony of a full student cabinet in August 2022, therefore enabling student democracy. We also had our inter-school cultural fest, Xperia. This year, we have begun a parent empowerment segment called Voice of Wisdom, wherein various topics ranging from social behaviours in teens to nutrition in children are being addressed. Apart from this, we are slated to have our first career summit in October 2022.

School that’s truly one-of-a-kind

Backed by a distinguished advisory board and a prolific academic team, The Primea Academy is focused on equipping children with the attitude, aptitude and agility to live and adapt to the VUCA world. The intent is to nurture their skills to deal with life and its challenges along with academics.

Some of the essential skills that every child learns here include self-management and virtuous living, sustainable living, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, authentic communication and a design thinking process that’ll inspire the young global citizens to explore, thereby igniting the desire to learn.

The Premia Academy

It isn’t enough to simply prepare children for entrance exams and academics; they ought to be trained to live holistic and balanced lives where intelligence, emotional, adversity and creative quotients – all are given equal priority. What sets this institute apart is its emphasis on wisdom over knowledge, purpose over success and enriching lives over instant gratification.

What’s more to achieve?

Currently running in its 3rd academic year, The Premia Academy is receiving immense love and appreciation from parents who are impressed with the teaching philosophy and pedagogy of the school.

As far as future goals are concerned, the institute is committed to raising its own ‘Premia Pride’, a generation of ethical, open-minded and authentic global citizens who are going to be resilient and confident lifelong learners, innovative change-makers and more importantly, socially responsible, humble and humane souls who value empathy and integrity above everything else.

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