The Creative Lust – Resin Art as Individual as a Customer’s Imagination

The Creative Lust

When Sonali Singh Rao, Founder of The Creative Lust started out in 2018, it was merely an extension of her hobby Resin Art. She was more intent on nurturing her hobby and had no firm intention or an idea of translating this into a full-fledged professional enterprise. However, as destiny would have it, her creations were appreciated and picked up by many and encouraged by this response her hobby on its own got transformed into a business.  

What makes The Creative Lust different is the fact that every client has completely trusted Sonali to come up with unique resin art products for their homes or their work places. “My business is all about crazy people who have crazy Ideas. I create things based on my client’s imagination and therefore every product is unique” she says.

Unique, Beautiful and Affordable – that is the special touch

The Creative Lust is a one stop art destination for everything exclusive and truly beautiful in Resin Art. Its product range was started by creating a range of thematic Wall Clocks to replace the boring assembly line clocks.  The idea of Ocean Theme Resin Clock made waves and generated good revenue.  Resin trays with a captivating marble effect on them were also appreciated. A recently made Ocean Theme Table was a masterpiece that caught the imagination and the eye of the market. A current project is to make a cricket set made out of Resin for a museum.

What is so special about Resin Art is that and it is something in which no two results can ever be the same. Every structure and finish is always unique. What’s more is that these are truly designer pieces and yet even the middle class can afford to buy them and make their homes look beautiful with them.

Making Time to Create Happiness for Others

Having started as a hobby artist it is sheer passion that drives Sonali Singh Rao forward. She has set herself a course where she plans for just one month ahead and takes things as they come. The business is growing by completing the order book on time. Another source of funding is the Resin Art workshop which as of now has over 3000+ students. The income generated from this workshop is invested back into The Creative Lust to keep it sustainable and profitable.

the creative lust

She says, “I am thankful to destiny and also for all the love and support that I received from friends and family who have always stood behind me. My goal is to make others happy as much as I can with my Art. The thing which matters the most for me is just the happiness of my customers and the satisfaction which I get from my work.”

With this quality of creative urge is driving it, Creative Lust is taking steps to keep innovating and producing high quality resin products. Products so beautiful that when customers see them they exclaim, “Yes this is what I wanted.” This is the biggest compliment for Creative Lust!

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